Cadbury Easter Cottage Kit Review


Reviewed by Jane Warwick

I could hardly contain my excitement when I received this box and found I was reviewing an Easter Cottage kit made by Cadbury. The cardboard gift box is shaped like a house in the traditional colours of Cadbury and inside (opened by lifting up the roof section) were an assortment of chocolate bars:
• 2 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars 200g
• 2 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars 95g
• 2 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Spring Edition Bars100g
• 2 x Cadbury White Buttons Bag 14.5g
• 1 x Cadbury Mini Eggs Treatsize Bag 38.5g
The instructions were clear, and I followed these very carefully. Firstly, I laid the chocolate bars out to make sure I picked up the right bar for each section of the house. Mind you, I nearly threw away the template provided as I thought it was just a scrap piece of paper rather than the essential template necessary for cutting the 95g bars to make the sides of the house! A serrated knife is essential for this job so it is a job for adults (YES!), to cut the bars to size. Both 95g bars were needed and there was quite a bit of spare chocolate. Alas two pieces were needed for the chimney and the rest had to be placed in a glass bowl and microwaved in order to melt. The instructions were very clear here – highest power for 20 seconds and then stir and repeat until the chocolate was melted. It took a minute for the chocolate to be thoroughly melted.

The smell (did I really want to make a house?) made it very tempting to dip one’s finger into the chocolate (be wary, it is hot), but I managed to resist temptation and opened the two big bars of milk chocolate. The melted chocolate was spread along the side edges of these big bars and then the side bars were stuck to these. I should have paid more attention to the design on the front of the cardboard box as I placed the side edges of the smaller bars over the side edge of the bigger bars which resulted in the house becoming a little wider. I only noticed this when doing the next bit of building. I carefully opened the spring edition bars and managed to break both bars into two pieces but luckily had the chocolate “glue” and mended the bars (whoops!). The melted chocolate was then spread along the long edges of the big bars and exposed edges of the sides of the house and very carefully the spring edition bars were placed to create the roof. As my house was a little wider than it should have been, I needed to add further melted chocolate in order to secure the roof to the walls. A word of warning; remember the spring edition bars have a rabbit design so these need to be the right way up!!! The roofing would benefit from two people to hold the roof onto the “walls” at the right angle. The whole house was then left (only a few minutes), to allow the melted chocolate to solidify. I then had to put the remaining non-melted chocolate back into the microwave to soften. 20 seconds at high power was all I needed. Now the fun bit; adding the mini eggs, chimney and finally white chocolate buttons to decorate the cottage. I thought I was doing really well until I realised when adding the white chocolate buttons that the melted chocolate was milk chocolate, so a few brown chocolate marks appeared on the white buttons.

The only annoying thing about the kit is that there is no small tube of white icing to “draw” windows on the cottage. However, it was great fun to do, and I managed to have a spare mini egg left which tasted so good. The final job is one of the best bits, cleaning the bowl of the remains of all the melted chocolate. Thank goodness the children were not around. It is a simple, fun and effective idea and if you wish to be further extravagant, you could also put Cadbury’s crème eggs or other types of eggs inside the Easter house as an additional surprise.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £16

This produce can be purchased from Cadbury online here.

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