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Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

I’m weightless, my consciousness is only aware of my heartbeat and my breathing and I feel at peace in the silence and the darkness… this can’t be right! I’m a busy mum, I work, I’m always spinning 20 different plates and moving at a million miles an hour… and yet I’m feeling calm and relaxed. What kind of witchcraft is this? I hear you ask!

It’s all down to the high content salt water that I find myself floating in. This is my first experience of a floatation tank and although I love a relaxing spa treatment as much as the next person, I had real doubts about how I would switch my brain off for a full hour and allow my body to just breathe.

I’d bought the session through and upon my arrival at The North Spa on North Road in St. Helens I was greeted by Chris, the owner of the salon. Chris was very friendly and welcoming and instantly put me at ease about those thoughts that I worried might ruin my experience. He explained that everyone is different and that you have to let those thoughts happen and get through them to allow the mind to quieten. But also that the body would still get the benefit.

I was shown into the room where the tank room was situated, along with a shower and space to get changed. Chris explained that all clothes and jewellery had to be removed and to shower beforehand. The tank looked like a huge shallow bath that filled a small room with dimmed lighting, which you could turn on and off depending on your own preference. Before entering I was to wear some disposable ear plugs which were provided.

Once alone, I did as instructed and stepped into the water. The water felt almost soapy on my skin and once I lay back and allowed my head to rest in its natural position, the sensation was one of floating and complete buoyancy. This, I can only imagine, is the closest you can come to complete and sustained weightlessness on Earth. For the first 10 minutes relaxing music is played and then silence follows. My body and consciousness went through various stages while I was in that tank, yes my head filled with thoughts, but I also had the sensation of floating and almost lost awareness of my body at times. The water is kept at body temperature and so all other usual sensations are not noticeable. Then I was aware only of my breathing in and out. My brain went to that place of total calm that you feel just before you fall asleep. It was amazing. Soft music is then played again to signal the end of the session and I took my time coming around and sitting up before leaving the tank for a shower and to get dressed.

The benefits of floating are said to be long lasting and sometimes you don’t feel the full effects until afterwards. I felt really calm and a little bit spaced out afterwards. It was a lovely feeling. Floatation sessions not only help with physical and mental relaxation but can help with insomnia, back pain, arthritis, stress… the list goes on. It’s also safe during pregnancy.

I found my first floatation session to be a wonderful experience and certainly one I want to repeat. It would make the perfect Christmas gift, especially for those who need a bit of time out. I’m not only highly recommending this but I’m saying it’s a definite must-experience for everyone. It’s hard to compare it to anything else. I booked the Floatation Experience for One through The voucher was £49 and I was able to book the session directly with The North Spa Salon. Sessions are understandably very popular so make sure you call well in advance. I’ve already made a note of all those people in my life who will be benefiting from this gift, as it doesn’t compare to anything else I’ve ever experienced.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £49

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