Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer Review

Reviewed by Gina Lilley

My 2 sticks of Burt’s Bees lip shimmer arrived within a cardboard A5 envelope so provided plenty of protection around the solid plastic tubing of the product.

Both were in slim, plastic tubes with attractive labelling and a tamper proof tab to ensure completeness before opening. Very neat size being 2.6g and the unit once empty is recyclable. Tab was easily pulled to unwrap. A further tab allows you to see the list of ingredients should you wish. Pull off lid which sits snugly back on again after use and twist base to raise lip shimmer up as needed. Very easy application due to slim tube size.

It is easy to be a fan of any Burt’s Bees product, mainly because of their 100% natural ingredients, but also and very importantly, because you only need to use a little for good effect.

These lip shimmers which are created with beeswax naturally! They also contain a host of other fruit seed oils, strawberry, apricot, blackcurrant, elderberry and rosemary leaf extract. All things that you would happily put on your lips. Shea Butter and lanolin are also listed.

Peppermint oil, is perhaps the ingredient that gives the wearer a lovely little lip tingle for a few minutes after application. It feels really good and needs minimal application for good effect.

I had two colours, which are natural hues – Fig and Cherry Cerise (11 colours are available).

I am very fair skinned, light hair and green eyes found that with no makeup on at all, Fig was a great shade for my natural colouring.

Cherry Cerise is too strong a colour for my natural skin tones, being more suitable to a naturally warmer skin tone, brown eyes and darker hair. However, on a slightly bronzed face or with full makeup it would be a very attractive, but more visible colour for me too.

Application is easy – simply run across the lips or dab once bottom, once top and then spread with your finger. It lasts well – I applied it first thing in the morning and was still aware of it at lunchtime.  During that time, I had eaten and drunk and it didn’t remove it.

Such a neat little tube it would fit in the smallest clutch/purse, making it really easy to take around with you. Likewise, it’s easily popped in a jeans pocket and it won’t be in the way.

I will certainly be buying this again. It is a really good price particularly when you consider how long it will last. It makes an excellent stocking filler, table present or special treat for a teenager. Actually, scrub that, it’s a lovely treat for anybody who enjoys taking care of their lips with a hint of colour at any time of year!

Perhaps it could even count towards your 5 a day with all those fruit seed oils in too.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £5.99 each

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