Britax Holiday Double Review


Reviewed by Bharti Patel

The Britax Holiday Double stroller is new to the range, it weights just 9kg making it a very light double stroller and the lightest one that Britax offers, it’s possibly the lightest on the market from what I could find at least.

We ordered the stroller with the grey hoods as we have two boys and it is a nice neutral colour, however this stroller is available in 4 colours, one of which is blue and red should you want a mix. When the stroller arrived the first thing we realised the box was pretty small for a double stroller. When you take the stroller out you do have to put the wheels on and the hoods on but this is pretty easy to do and the instructions to do this are very easy to follow. The stroller is light and small but has 2 reasonable sized baskets underneath and feels pretty sturdy. Upon trying to open it we did struggle a little with the mechanism so we then went to the instructions and that didn’t clear things up so after wrestling with it for a bit we realised that my husband was able to open it by pulling it back once the break was on and I needed to pull one of the side bars into the lock position. I am still not sure who is right but it works and actually is easy for us both in our different methods of opening it. Once open I could take a look at the stroller, it has breathable mesh material which looks great for the hot weather of a holiday, as that’s one of my concerns is are the children sweating whilst you put them in the stroller with the lack or air circulating? It seems Britax has already thought of that and used the correct material to address that problem.

The stroller is really simple to collapse and when it is closed the stroller has two straps which are for carrying the stroller on your back leaving your hands free to deal with the children. It folds down small and has an auto lock mechanism meaning once it is closed it stays closed until you open it back up. Once folded the stroller will stand on its wheels, this stops it from having to be laid down and the fabric becoming dirty.

The Britax Holiday Double is for children from 6 months to 3 years old, up to a max weight of 15kg per child. It has a large hood with sun visor and has independently reclining backrest allowing little ones to nap. The seats have a foot rest and features a 5-point harness system with soft padded chest pads. The seat straps are easily adjustable. The stroller has foam wheels so they are puncture free and they give a reasonably smooth ride even with 2 children and the baskets being full. The stroller also features a single brake making it easy to control without having to mess about too much with things whilst out and about and stopping and going.

The stroller does not come with any accessories and you would need to by the rain cover separately (RRP £35) and the holiday bag (RRP £25) which would be handy to protect the stroller if you wanted to put it in the hold or were planning on carrying it at any point. The straps on the stroller are not particularly comfortable and although perfectly fine for a short period I would suggest buying the bag if you are planning on carrying it for longer periods as the straps seem to be padded making it more like a backpack and I imagine more comfortable.

For a double stroller where the seats are side by side it is quite sleek and fits through most doorways without too much of a problem. When walking with the stroller the end handle bars do feel a bit unnaturally wide to hold, even at the angle they have used for the design, making navigating a bit more difficult but we realised you could navigate using the center handle alongside one of the end handles to give a more natural position. I even managed to navigate it with one hand whilst holding a coffee in the other but I wouldn’t recommend it as I did spill a bit of coffee.

The children seem to love sitting in the stroller and I guess they are the best judges for that, from a parent’s perspective its handy that it folds down so small that we were able to take it into a coffee shop, take both children out and put the stroller under the table out of the way. I did also send the grandparents out with the stroller to see what their thoughts on it were and they loved it. They did not complain about any of it meaning its good for grandparents dealing with 2 children, they took the stroller onto the bus and said they had no issues getting it on and off the bus so it’s a winner for public transport.

The stroller is priced at RRP £200, having a quick look at the market I would say this is a well-priced stroller or par with similar strollers. The other strollers are heavier by quite a bit, not as compact when folded but look a similar size when open. If you are going away with 2 children under 4 I would highly recommend this stroller, the pure convenience of size alone is brilliant. We have actually put this in the car with our buggy also being in there as it takes up very little space. It would be great to pop into a hire car or taxi when you are away also as that’s one of the things we have found causes us the most problems, do you take the stroller or the bags you need when you have children? With this stroller you could take both. I haven’t tested it but I am pretty sure it would fit in the space of a seat allowing the boot to be used for other items, this is of course dependent on the car.

The stroller is compact, looks smart and weighs very little, I cannot explain how tiny this stroller is collapsed, you will just have to go take a look for yourself!

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £200

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