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Brain Fart Game Review

Reviewed by David Savage

“Think fast and shout your answer… because silence is deadly!”

Everyone loves playing a good board or tabletop game, but if you look at all the games you own you will probably have a majority, if not all, children and family games. Where are all the games for teenagers and adults? Afterall, we all love playing them and having something that bit more mature (other than Scrabble or Monopoly) will definitely improve game night once the kids are in bed.

With Christmas approaching and all the festivities and parties that comes with it, we have been trying out some party games, including Interplay’s 5 Second Rule Uncensored. Whilst 5 Second Rule Uncensored is for adults (aged 17+), we were looking for something that would be fun for adults and teenagers and were very happy to receive Interplay’s Brain Fart!

Brain Fart is a tabletop party game aimed at 14+, for three or more players. It is a very quick-thinking word game where silence is deadly.

In the box there is:

  • 9 Category Cubes
  • Electronic Brain Display Timer/Letter Generator
  • 25 tokens
  • Rules

The game has 9 large lightweight cubes with each side having a different category, so 54 categories in total. The electronic brain has a random selection of 21 letters. The idea of the game is to name something from any category showing on the dice, but the answer has to begin with the letter you are given at random from the brain. Sounds simple? After playing, I can assure that it’s not. You really do end up having a brain fart (a temporary mental lapse or failure to reason correctly) when in theory the answers should be simple. With 54 categories (movies, crimes, reasons to break up …) and 21 letters it is different every time you play (especially as there are really no right or wrong answers).

Setup is easy, you just place the hard, electronic brain (requires 2x AAA batteries for the digital display and timer, not supplied) and the 25 tokens in the centre of the table so that everyone can reach them. Everyone then grabs some cubes and you’re ready to roll.

Every player rolls their cubes into the playing area, one player presses down on the brain which generates a random letter on the display and starts the timer (this is a random amount of time between 30 and 45 seconds). Each player in turn then has to name something from any of the categories with the answer beginning with that letter shown on the brain. For example, if the letter is “T” and you see the category “Gross Things” you could say “Tarantula” on your turn (or something much more gross should you wish). Once you name something you grab that cube. This continues left around the table with each player until all the cubes have been taken or the timer goes off. If the timer goes off on your turn (it makes a fart noise) before answering, you lose and receive a token. Play restarts again until all the tokens are taken, and the player with the least tokens is declared the winner.

Overall, Brain Fart sounds like a really simple game. It is very easy to understand and play but getting your mind working that quickly having to look at the cubes and the letter with the added pressure of the timer is quite difficult, but lots of fun!

We have really enjoyed playing it, even when your mind goes completely blank and can’t think of simple words. You really do have to be a quick thinker and have a reasonable vocabulary, so the age guidance of 14+ is probably right (especially if playing with adults who might come up with some more adult answers).

Brain Fart makes a really fun addition to game night for teenagers and adults and I would say 4 players would be best for maximum fun. The only negative is that I think the printing on the cubes will rub off quite easily, but the instructions do say not to roll on hard surfaces, so maybe rolling them on to a cloth or carpet would be best to prolong the life of the cubes.

With Christmas just over the horizon and people looking for suitable Christmas gift ideas, I would suggest Brain Fart be right up there with them as it is fast and hilarious.

Despite the issue with the cubes, I would still have to give Brain Fart 5 stars as it is a fun game to play, has minimal setup and it is very easy to understand the rules.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

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