Boss Ma Vie Review

Reviewed by Ruth Thomas

Described as “Strong Feminine Independent, Boss Ma Vie was inspired by the independent spirit of a woman as she pauses to indulge in simple moments in life; in this moment, she is at most captivating, excluding a glow of femininity and confidence.”

I was looking forward to using a perfume that would make me feel Strong, Feminine and Independent! And with Gwyneth Paltrow the brand ambassador for the fragrance I was hopeful, as she is certainly considered an independent, strong and feminine character in Hollywood.

I had seen advertisements of the perfume in the latest magazines and had already been tempted by the lovely pale pink bottle and usually wait until visiting duty free, a birthday or Christmas to indulge in a new, unfamiliar perfume.

It has top notes of cactus blossom, heart notes of pink floral bouquet with rose bud and base notes of cedarwood, all I know is it smells very fresh, feminine and something I would wear every day and would happily use it on a date night too.

I did my research on the perfume and read that William Andrews, spokesperson of the fragrance’s design team divulged “that a special technology molecule captures some of the perfume oil of the molecule and does not release it. But over time, when your skin warms up and get a little bit wet, this molecule dissolves with the water and releases some of the perfume and you can smell a fresh waft evaporating. So the perfume comes back on and one through the day.”

Well Mr Andrews, the perfume certainly lasted all day and didn’t seem to fade so if that’s down to the special technology molecule then congratulations it works!

Top marks from me and will be adding it to my Christmas list.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £39 (30ml) /£49.50 (50ml) / £64.50 (75ml)

Available to buy in Boots stores nationwide or online here.


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