Blue Apple Books Balloon Toons Pooltime by Ethan Long Review


Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

Elephant, Alligator, and Stork share poolside hijinks as they mix up their towels, tussle over ice cream, and compare diving styles. Best-selling author/illustrator Ethan Long brings his energetic and engaging style to this delightful story of poolside fun and summertime friendship.

This is a wonderful book and when it first came in for review my little girl found it so appealing that she ran off to her room to read it. It is a book with minimal text and cartoon style illustrations. The characters are fantastic. It is fun to read as a quick story before bedtime. My daughter is 7 years old and finds the book hilarious every time she reads it.

This book gets a firm 5/5 from us.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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