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Blaze and the Monster Machine – Axle City Racers Review


Reviewed by Jan Mellor

This game is based on the popular children’s programme about the same group of friends and centres around the topic of motor racing. In this fun-packed and thrilling game, Blaze races against his pals Starla, Pickle and Crusher in a thrilling stunt race moving between ‘Axle city streets’ to the ‘Main race track’ where children aged 3+ will love the opportunity to race, boost, drift and jump in a game alone (younger children have accessible controls with auto-drive helper) or with up to three friends (with a split screen option). An additional extra for adults is that there are integrated STEM educational features (explaining scientific terms) so that children learn as they play. The game can be played with up to 6 Artificial Intelligent models – Blaze, Pickle, Darington, Zeg, Starla, Stripes and Watts, and even (cheating) Crusher, all of which have differing abilities and characteristics. Each character has their own upper ability that they can use throughout the race- which are Blazing Speed, Earthquake Maker, Pickle Shield, Confetti View. Rhino Roar, Cowboy Stars Jungle Music, and Electric Charge.

Each ability is different from the rest but will enable each character to win the race! Throughout the game, an enthusiastic presenter talks the player through the rules and explains how to accelerate cars, how to get speed- boosts, reverse and drift and how to ultimately, win a trophy (either bronze, silver, gold or platinum). There are a range of areas to explore – 10 worlds that include Axe City Grand Prix, Axle City HQ Express, Axle city Skyscraper Chase, Grand Prix Course, Big Tree Track, Country Side Spin, Volcano Vroom, Blazing Speed Shore, Rapid Rock Raceway, Overdrive Even. The game can be played and a range of levels that include easy, medium and hard, and the player can choose the character they wish to be at each game. There are also options for normal or story- mode races, and each racer can go forward, backwards or drift. Every time a player competes a race, they are given a gift in Stempedia they are given a fun -filled fact on the topics of Force, Swing, Inertia, Energy, Temperature, Recycling, Faster, Melting and Electricity – this integrates learning with winning and pushes the player to gain as many gifts as possible! A great learning technique that gives each player a feeling of achievement each time! Whilst being played by my son, he is although slightly too old for the game gave positive feedback was that it is very easy to use, the graphics and sound effects are both very impressive and the game was very enjoyable to play. The game we tried was on the PS4 but this game can be bought for the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

Rating: 4/5 Great game- loads of fun!

RRP and Buy Link: The game retails at £34.99 but can be bought from here at below £30 and can be purchased at most game retailers.
As a stocking-filler this is a fun, interactive, educational easy-to-use and enjoyable game that younger children will love.

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