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BlackpoolPleasureBeachBlackpool Pleasure Beach

Reviewed by Yvette Morgan

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the UK’s favourite amusement park, with over 125 rides and attractions, spectacular shows and it’s the most ride intensive park in the UK. I just love Blackpool Pleasure Beach, I remember going there as a child, a parent and now a grandparent, the parks nostalgic ambience still satisfies every time I visit. My life revolves around making fabulous childhood memories for my grandchildren so I visit theme parks and other attractions regularly but the Pleasure Beach is the only park that totally captures the old adage “All The Fun Of The Fair”. With its perfect mix of old and new attractions there is something for all ages, and many photo ops and items related to the past you won’t find anywhere else.

My granddaughter was totally amazed by the laughing man, my daughter finds it hard to believe people actually put money in to hear that terrible sound, whatever your opinion, it is so nice to see fairground history captured, for generations to see.

Plenty of fun for all ages
Many of the theme parks I visit tend to satisfy either older thrill seekers or younger children very few get a good mix of both, since the opening of Nickelodeon Land in 2011 the Pleasure Beach have got this mix perfectly right.

 I remember visiting the park in 2012 when my grandsons were delighted to get photo ops with SpongeBob and Patrick. The children I had with me this time were too busy running from ride to ride to want character pics, but there were lots of current characters available for children that did.

The Rugrats Lost River was an amazing success a child sized Log Flume which caused shrieks of excitement from my granddaughter. There are 12 fabulous rides in Nickelodeon Land, all of which adults are welcome to ride on with the children.

Children’s rides are not confined to Nickelodeon Land there are many rides around the park that smaller children can ride, my granddaughter was so excited when she got off The Grand Prix ride as she believed she was in total control of the car.

The thrill rides in Blackpool are amazing, I watched the Skyforce ride in awe at the different movements all at the same time, it really is a feat of engineering.

Not to mention the roller coasters, from the Blue Flyer in Nickelodeon Land to The Big One which slowly rises 235 feet at an angle of 65% with spectacular views of the Blackpool coast, before dropping with speeds of up to 87 miles per hour, totally exhilarating. The way the coasters seem to mingle with each other is something you don’t see in other parks.

Excellent Value For Money 
The prices of the wristbands are very reasonable, with an adults peak season band booked online at only £23 and a child at £21, although there are often other offers available, I have seen bands priced at as little as £18, which is a bargain for the amazing day it buys, and makes it very reasonable compared to other theme parks with much less on offer.

When we visit we buy the ‘all you can eat’ wristbands so you can budget in advance, the online cost is £20 for an adult and £15 for a child, so for £70 for our family of 4 we were able to eat and drink all day, without worrying about cost, there are 7 different places you can eat and no limit to the amount of food. We quite enjoyed the yummy cakes and unlimited pizza.

All in all Blackpool Pleasure Beach offers an amazing fun day out for all ages, and is very reasonably priced, if I didn’t live so far away I would be a regular but the long drive means unfortunately I only get to visit every few years, but I am already looking forward to my next visit.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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