Black Insomnia Coffee Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

I am a coffee lover. I need that coffee kick first thing in the morning and that pick me up mid afternoon. My husband is the same way and we absolutely love trying out different blends, flavours and brands together. So of course I was excited to be sent some coffee to try. I will admit that I usually opt for a sweet coffee such as caramel latte or a milky option like a frothy cappuccino. However, especially with having busy on the go lifestyles we sometimes need a stronger coffee to perk us up.

I was intrigued to try Black Insomnia coffee firstly for its unusual name. We received a branded mug and the coffee arrived in a black metal tin with a plastic cap to keep the coffee sealed and fresh. The tin has a little bit of information about the company and some social media links but no brewing instructions. However as it’s pre ground coffee I just made it up in my cafetière as I would any other blend. It is also suitable for dripper and aeropress brewing. As the coffee is very strong (designed to keep you up all night!) we decided to make two espressos to enjoy together as I wasn’t sure if I could handle drinking a whole mug full. We’ve tried many coffee blends and found many of them very bitter tasting so I was worried I wouldn’t like this at all. So I was very pleasantly surprised by how light and smooth it tasted. We thought there was no bitter taste at all. This is because the coffee beans used are known to have luxurious chocolate flavour with aromas of hazelnut, macadamia and caramel.

The people behind Black Insomnia believe in extreme caffeine. They are passionate about creating a simple, strong coffee without any frills or additives. The coffee is produced using Fine Robusta and Arabica beans which have been grown in regions which are known to be especially high in caffeine. They are then traditionally barrel roasted in small batches. This company really has done their research to make the perfect strong coffee. In fact Black Insomnia can boast that it has been proven to be the world’s strongest coffee with 1105mg of caffeine per 12fl. Oz cup.

If you know any coffee lovers whether they enjoy the occasional drink or are complete caffeine addicts like us then I think this would make an ideal stocking filler present this Christmas. It has a wonderful, rich taste that anyone would enjoy even if they usually don’t opt for strong blends. Plus it’s packaged in an attractive looking tin and at £14.99 for a 453g time I think it’s good value for money and will certainly make up a lot of batches of coffee.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £14.99

This product can be purchased from the Black Insomnia website here.

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