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Bing Talking Soft Toy Review

Reviewed by Kathryn Harrison

I have two daughters, aged seven and two. When my seven-year-old was a toddler a new TV show started on CBeebies, that show was Bing and she quickly became obsessed! She absolutely loved the show and watched the episodes over and over, she would have loved some Bing toys but at that time there wasn’t much Bing merchandise around and what was around wasn’t widely available. Fast forward a few years and my two year old loves the show just as much. Thankfully it’s a lot easier to get hold of Bing toys and we do have a fair few. One toy we didn’t have though was the Bing talking soft toy, so we were delighted when we had the opportunity to review it.

The soft toy arrived and we quickly cut the toy free from the plastic ties attaching it to the cardboard display box, the first thing that struck me was how soft it is. The whole toy is soft and snuggly, absolutely perfect for cuddling with whilst watching a favourite episode of Bing. The toy looks exactly like the character from the show with his distinctive green top and red checked dungarees so instantly recognisable to young children. It’s also a great size for little ones, standing about 30cm high it’s big enough to not be lost easily and small enough to be tucked under an arm whilst playing and having adventures. The information on the box advises that the toy is suitable from birth and I can really see it being a welcome gift for a young baby especially as it’s so snuggly.

Since the moment she first saw it my daughter hasn’t put Bing down. She has taken it out and about with her, in the car, in the pram, and last night she took him to bed and cuddled up tight. I did have to draw the line at letting her take it into the bath with her! I’ve enjoyed watching her play and using her imagination to make Bing interact with her other toys as well as using him to act out her favourite episodes.

This soft toy has around 15 phrases that sound when you press its tummy. My daughter likes these phrases and enjoys replying to some of the more interactive phrases, such as when Bing asks, “what’s your name?” and “What’s your favourite toy?”. It’s great that the voice of the toy is the same as the voice on the TV show, children really notice when things are different and there’s nothing more disappointing for a young child when they receive a toy that isn’t quite like the character they know and love. The only thing that lets this toy down is the sound button, my daughter can’t press it on her own. It seems to move around inside the toy so you’re pressing it in a different place each time, this leads to much frustration and her needing to bring it to me to press.

All in all, this is a lovely toy, it feels like good value and I’m sure any Bing fan will love it.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £15.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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