Bims Kitchen Hot Sauce Review


Sweet Baobab Hot Sauce

Bim’s Kitchen

Reviewed by Glen Wilson

The sauce offers a good amount of heat without being over the top, it also has a good depth of flavour, whilst the obvious chili flavourit also has a smoky taste which most likely comes from the Cayenne pepper. The good thing is its quite versatile. You can use it straight from the bottle on your chips, your kebab or burger. Or you can be more adventurous with it and use it as an ingredient in cooking dishes such as Arrabiatta pasta sauce, Marie Rose sauce, chili beef, curries, soups and stews. It’s comparably a better choice than Tabasco as it’s not just chilies. Against Nando’s or the like it marinades meat just as good if not better. Bim’s Kitchen is a sweet chili sauce but unlike some dipping sauces it’s not just sugar and chilies and so overly sweet. Again the sweetness comes out from the added pineapple, sweet red peppers and molasses sugar offering another dimension of flavourso give it a try!!!


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