Bibado Coverall The Long Sleeved Baby Weaning Bib Review


Reviewed by C. Hill

Bibado coverall, the long sleeved baby weaning bib that is an absolute must have for any parent or caregiver of a baby or toddler. It arrived quickly and the packaging was compact, it was very easy to open and I didn’t have to resort to finding a pair of scissors to get into it. No plastic wrapping either which is a definite bonus and the small box is fully recyclable.

The thing that caught my attention immediately was the soft, fabric feeling of the bib, this is a 100% fully waterproof bib so how can it feel like fabric? The very clever designers at Bibado (who were helped by a team of Mummies) have made this bib from Polyester with a PU coating, feel like cotton. Being very close to your little one, it’s also comforting to know it does not contain any harsh chemicals like BPA’s, Phalates or PVC.

So the massive question is, does this coverall bib actually work? I put it to the test that very evening during Pizza night, this coverall had to withstand making the pizza as well as eating it. My daughter had a white top and light pink trousers on just to add to the tension.

After reading the instructions, you can attach the coverall to most highchairs including ours which doesn’t have a tray. I put it on my daughter after she had sat down in her highchair but you can attach it to the highchair or even to the table first and then place your child’s arms into the sleeves.

Tomato sauce went everywhere as usual, mixed in with flour and cheese etc made a lovely floury gunk but absolutely nothing went on my daughter’s clothes or the highchair. The coverall is long enough to either go over little legs or form a well where food is caught, normally we find a good portion of her meal in her lap. Also her white vest sleeves remained stain free and because you remove the coverall by bringing it forwards, the food is contained so it doesn’t go on to the floor. I removed the bib forwards and my daughter went off to play until it was time to eat. I put her in the highchair for dinner and brought the bib back onto her, because it is fully waterproof it didn’t matter that there was sauce and mess on the front, it hadn’t seeped through. This saved me about 10 minutes alone on pizza night, I didn’t even have to clean the footplate on my wooden highchair and that is a first. Just think of going to a restaurant and not having to get down on the floor at the end of your meal to retrieve all of the dropped food or apologising for the mess your adorable children have made, bliss!

This coverall is aimed at children ages 6m-36m, it has handy poppers on the sleeves to customise the length of the sleeve to suit your child as well as elasticated cuffs to stop any food from touching their clothes underneath. It washes very well at 40 degrees and dries super quickly. This will save you time by reducing your cleaning and also your laundry pile. You will not have to do a complete change of clothes for your child after their meal times. At £19.95 I originally thought it was quite expensive but you will soon save your money back from not having to throw Spaghetti Bolognese stained clothes out and probably even reducing your laundry bill. This bib is well worth the money and will be a permanent fixture at our mealtimes in the home and out and about.

Bibado as a company complies with the highest international safety standards for baby wearing products. This coverall bib has passed safety testing in the EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Their company ethos is to never compromise on environmental or business sustainability. They are a charitable company and £1 from every order is donated by Bibado to charitable causes in the UK and overseas, including Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity.

I would recommend this product to everyone who has children or looks after them, my Mother would love this because she likes to keep a very tidy house and my children normally make a mess. My one year old didn’t try to rip it off at all which means she is a huge, huge fan. We will use this until she is at least four, I tried it on my tall four year old and it fitted her fine. We will use this coverall for mealtimes as well as craft activities and cooking.

Bibado coverall in Woodland Friends pattern.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.95

This product can be purchased from the Bibado website here.

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