Beverly Hills Formula Oral Care Bundle Review

Reviewed by Louise Watts

Over the past 10 years or so, having the perfect white teeth has become increasingly important. The number of rich and famous celebrities who have been seen on the red carpet with teeth so white they are almost blinding has grown enormously. Along with that and the fact that these teeth are all over social media making impressions on our youngsters, teeth whitening has become an increasingly popular cosmetic enhancement.

Sadly, any enhancement such as this does have a rather large price tag attached to it! Whilst this is manageable for the rich and famous, it adds pressure to the “normal” people in this world who want their teeth to shine but simply do not have the bank balance to accommodate this desire. The question I ask myself then is “Is there anything on the market that is cheap, effective and works?” The answer to my question is what I set out to discover over the past 2 weeks.

There are many products out there and it is difficult to know what is reliable and what simply does nothing. A good place to start is to look at the different companies and see what research and evaluation they do into their products to ensure that they are more than just a money-making business.

Beverly Hills Formula is one of these companies. Established in Ireland in 1992, they launched their first teeth whitening range in 1993 and have been growing in strength since then. Their mission was to make a good value, effective teeth whitening product that you can use in your own home, therefore removing expensive dentist bills. The problem at this time however was that many home whitening products were actually damaging to teeth and gums. What you gained in colour, you lost in the quality of your teeth. Beverly Hills Formula decided that they would develop a range which would not only enhance the whitening effect on your teeth but protect your teeth at the same time.  

They did exactly that and proved how successful that was, but for them that was not enough. Forever striving to be better, they launched their Perfect White range in 2012. Within this range they introduced the Perfect White Black (2013), making them the first brand to use activated charcoal in their whitening products. Clinically proven to be one of the most effective ingredients for teeth whitening, their black range has grown in popularity ever since. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and so for the past 2 weeks I have been using their toothpaste and mouthwash to see if I can enhance my own teeth.

I will look at each of the three products I have been using individually and then make a joint conclusion at the end.

Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Toothpaste

Packaged in a beautiful black and white box to reflect the name of the range, this product initially filled me with trepidation. I found it hard to imagine how a black toothpaste was going to make my teeth whiter?! On the packet, it makes several statements:

  • Perfect stain removal
  • With activated Charcoal
  • Scientifically formulated to Combat Bad Breath
  • Low abrasion
  • Money back guarantee – guaranteed to help your teeth become healthier and whiter

The tube itself is also black and white to match the box. I opened the tube and nervously looked at the colour of the toothpaste. It was indeed black but had a lovely minty smell which was not what I was expecting, I somehow thought that a black toothpaste would smell equally as unpleasant as it looked, but I was wrong!

I brushed my teeth and once I got over the initial colour, the flavour shone through. It was a delicious minty flavour which left a lovely fresh feeling in your mouth as well as a smooth texture over my teeth. I began to believe that this may actually work.

I used the toothpaste once a day (and used the other products discussed below alongside this one) and after a few days, I have to say I felt my teeth were brighter. Initially I was sceptical and thought they look whiter because I am using black toothpaste and that would make anything appear brighter! However, I was wrong. After 2 weeks, my teeth were genuinely brighter, not to mention feeling considerably fresher.

This toothpaste retails at around £5 per 125ml tube which may sound expensive for a toothpaste, but you have to remember the added extras you are getting with the whitening. This product is not just a toothpaste, it is so much more than that. In my opinion it is £5 well spent.

Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Mouthwash

Having got over the trepidation of black toothpaste, I decided to add in the mouthwash 2 days into my trial. The mouthwash comes in a 500ml bottle and retails at around £9. The bottle is black and comes with a “New Product Award 2016 Winner” badge on the front. There are instructions on the bottle to shake to activate prior to opening. I duly did as it told me to and opened the bottle. The smell was delicious – a really fresh smell which made you just want to try it. I wanted my mouth to feel as fresh as the mouthwash smelt! I poured a small amount into the lid and rinsed my mouth with it – again, put off slightly by the fact it was black / grey in colour (I had to check my teeth in the mirror afterwards to confirm that they actually looked clean and not black!) Of course, my teeth were not stained by the colour and they felt lovely and fresh. Leaving a smooth feeling over my teeth like the toothpaste, I started to make this part of my teeth washing ritual daily.

The bottle has lots of writing on the back but at my age (43 years) I would need a magnifying glass to read it! The bottle as said earlier, contains 500ml which would last a relatively long time as you only need a small amount daily to achieve freshness.

I have no reason to believe that the mouthwash didn’t also help to whiten my teeth. It contains many ingredients the same as the toothpaste but obviously when using them together, I cannot state that one product works better than another. What I can say however, is that my teeth were brighter and fresher as a result of using them in combination.

Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Sensitive Toothpaste

Every successful company nowadays produces a sensitive option to complement their products. With added Potassium Nitrate for rapid sensitivity, Beverly Hills Formula sensitive toothpaste has the same whitening qualities as the non-sensitive product. Containing the added ingredient Hydroxyapatite offering the ability to rebuild enamel the sensitive option is a must for anyone who suffers with sensitive teeth when brushing or eating. The packaging for this product is a little less daunting in that it comes in a pretty pink and white box instead of black! Just like the box, the tube inside is also white and pink and quite unthreatening looking!!

On opening the tube and removing the seal, the toothpaste inside is black just like the non-sensitive product. This is due to the charcoal so not unexpected. Luckily, I now know that the colour does not leave your teeth looking discoloured so I was happy to use this product once a day alongside the other toothpaste and mouthwash. The smell of the sensitive toothpaste is the same as the usual toothpaste, meaning that it has gained in sensitivity but hasn’t lost anything in quality.

This toothpaste was available online for £3.50 for a 125ml tube. I found this interesting as usually when you buy a sensitive product, it comes with a premium cost. On this occasion however, the sensitive version was actually cheaper than its counterpart.


I have enjoyed enhancing my teeth care routine over the past 2 weeks and I am pleased to say that my teeth are most definitely whiter and fresher than they were before. I will be continuing to use the Beverly Hills Formula products going forward as the benefits they provide outweigh the slightly higher financial cost.

There are many modes of teeth whitening available today, some costing lots of money and some costing relatively small amounts. Ultimately it is up to each individual person what they want to use and how much they want to spend! Beverly Hills Formula set out to provide “Safe, effective and purse friendly oral care products” and in my opinion that is exactly what they have succeeded to do.

Rating: 5/5

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