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Beauty Hygiene Essentials Kit Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

I am guilty of not cleaning my makeup brushes often enough.  It’s bonkers because I use them every day and some of them were very expensive so they deserve better care.  I’m sure just like most things if looked after properly they will last longer and perform better.  This little kit was the prompt I needed to get my makeup brushes cleaned up .
This kit takes looking after your beauty tools and brushes to a new level , there are four 50 ml bottles in the kit.  It’s good to know that all four kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria , they are all in recyclable plastic bottles , not tested on animals and vegan friendly.

The first one I tried was the quick dry beauty tools sanitising spray which is for make up tools made from glass, metals, wood , plastic or rubber.  The only tool I had in this category was a glass nail file so I used it on this.  I’ve probably had this nail file about eight years and it’s never crossed my mind to clean it but I’m pleased with the results.  It now looks and smells brand new.

Next I tried the brush cleaning spray which is suitable for natural and synthetic makeup brushes.  I used this on my eyeshadow brushes as it is over a year since I’ve cleaned them.  It took two applications to get them clean but it was a very simple process, just spray and wipe on a tissue.  Again they came up looking like new.

Then I tried the make up sanitising spray for use on loose and pressed powder, gels, pencils and lipsticks.  I tried it on my eyeshadow palette, again very easy to use just spray and wipe and it appeared to freshen up the eyeshadow .
All these products are recommended to be used daily.  They are all so easy to use.   I think it would be a good habit to get into.

The fourth and final product I tried was the deep cleanse sponge and brush wash.   I used this on my foundation brushes.  For this one I had to wet the brush in warm water, add a few drops of the product onto the brush, lather up and rinse until clear.  My brush held a lot of foundation, probably due to me not cleaning it often enough so it took three goes before I got it clean but just like all my other tools it looked so much better after a good clean.  Note to self, do this more regular as recommended on the package.

I found cleaning all my makeup tools very satisfying and look forward to using them when they have dried out.  All the bottles come in a clear plastic zipped pouched and include a free set of makeup brushes.

Rating: 5/5

RRP and Buy Link: 
The kit is available from here.   The RRP is £24.99 but at the time of writing there is 20% off bringing the price down to £19.95.

This product would be an ideal gift or stocking filler for anyone who loves and uses makeup.

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