Baby Kingdom: Luxury Baby Collection Baby Powder Review

Reviewed by Deborah Mackenzie

I fell in love when I received the Baby Kingdom Baby Powder to review. The outer packaging is luxuriant, recyclable cylinders with a baby wearing the union jack hat as the focal point and the writing in silver foil. Plus, it is all manufactured in Britain – this is definitely ‘Best of British’.

The airless pump product bottle has been chosen for convenience and ease parents will appreciate when using this powder. Just shake well and spray evenly over the skin to absorb excess moisture. I was alarmed at first when I saw the spray bottle as it was powder and had the envisions of a cloud of powder engulfing both baby and me! But this was not the case at all. It comes out as a fine powder that give an even covering, not a cloud of powder to be seen.

Always wanting what is best for baby (and me) safe, natural and organic ingredients and containers that are recyclable is extremely important. Baby Kingdom have ticked all those boxes and more, by carefully handpicking fragrances making babies smell like babies. They understand babies’ skin is delicate and sensitive, which is why they went a step further than other products to certify the brand as hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. It is also vegan friendly and 97 – 99% natural. The main ingredients are: Nettle extract that absorbs unwanted moisture, Vitamin E to fight off bacteria which causes irritation to delicate skin, plus Aloe Vera and Chamomile are perfect for soothing and calming irritations. Their powder does not contain talc. Having only tried the powder and been completely amazed and delighted with the way it goes onto the skin, how baby’s skin was drier after bath times now and I enjoy the delicate fragrance.

Baby Kingdom Collection was started by a husband and wife team from Wickham who combined their experience including a 20-year career in the family brands industry. It was launched in Summer 2018 and won bronze in Best of British Baby and Toddler Awards. Their passion to create a luxury, high performance, safe product collection, made in the UK, which shouts British.  

With Easter just around the corner, chocolate is everywhere but why not treat the littlest person of the family with some Baby Kingdom Collection. I can guarantee it will last longer than any chocolate bar, and you will be amazed as I was and the difference in a very short time of using the powder. Baby’s legs, arms and other creases where moisture seemed to linger was alleviated and there was not the ‘caking’ on the skin like with other brands containing talc.

Even though their products are more expensive they are the very best quality, the powder container is extremely deceiving as small in size, but the powder goes a very long way. Plus, no nasty ingredients putting your baby (and mine) at risk because of additives, Baby Kingdom are open and honest about what is in their products.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £11.95 (25g)

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