B Kids Butterfly Ballard Mobile Review

BKidsButterflyMobileMateButterfly Ballard Mobile

Reviewed by Zoe Wild

The Butterfly Ballad Mobile from BKids comes in a fairly basic box, nice and colourful, refreshing to not have to battle with endless zip ties and bits of unnecessary packaging.

Once opened I added the AA batteries and glanced at the instructions. The butterfly needs to be clicked into place but this is the only assembly needed. There are quite a few buttons and settings to consider but they are easy to work out. You can either have music or peaceful waterfall sounds. The waterfall does sound more like a babbling brook but it’s still very pleasant. The butterfly can stay stationary or rotate and flap slowly, there is a 10 or 20 minute setting and a volume control. It seems very sturdy and was really easy to attach to the edge of the cot.

My 4 month old seems quite happy with it. She watches the butterfly rotate with interest as the wings are covered with black and white swirls and it’s easy for her to see. The music kept her awake a little longer but on the flip side if you just want a little entertainment whilst you’re trying to shower or get ready it’s very useful to keep them awake. We seem to prefer the waterfall sounds for overnight. She’ll settle back down to sleep quite quickly with this setting, I love that you can control the volume. So many of these mobiles and projectors are so loud overnight they either wake the baby completely or they keep the rest of the family awake until it switches off, not so with this one. On the lowest volume setting I can’t hear it through her door or the monitor which is great as it doesn’t wake my older child or my husband.

We’ve been using it for about 5 days now and she’s not bored of it. It’s a really sweet, simple product that I’m sure we’ll use for longer than the stated 0-5 month age range. I’m all round really happy with it.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £22.99

Recommended age: 0-5 months

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4 half Star

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