Avent Feeding Gift Set Review

Avent Feeding Gift Set

Reviewed by Stacey Struthers

Suitable for: 6 months+
– Divider plate
– Large size bowl
– Small size bowl
– Baby's first spoon and fork

The Avent Feeding Gift Set would make a lovely and very useful Baby shower or birth present.

The set is of high quality, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The plate and bowls can be put in the microwave however the spoon and fork cannot – which is a bit odd, but not something I normally do anyway.

The design on the set was developed with a leading child psychologist and features "educational storytelling designs". I was a bit indifferent to the design but my 8 month old loved it – so what do I know!

I was impressed with the set. It is well made and even though it is mainly white in colour, it doesn't stain or discolour when used with strong coloured foods / tomato based foods. All the plates and bowls have a non-slip bottom and the cutlery has easy grip handles.

The box states this set is for 6m+, however I would say it was for an older child, say 9 months onwards. It is designed for self-feeding and not many babies are doing that at 6months! The fork and spoon are probably not so suitable for the first stages of weaning as they are not soft tipped

I was disappointed with the recipe booklet included. Personally, I don't think a tiny paper leaflet with a couple of recipes in warranted a mention on the box!

I would recommend this set.

Rating: 4/5

Buy from Philips Avent here.

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