Ava The Elephant

Ava the Elephant at the Baby Trade Show Innovation Zone

European distributor CC the World Ltd. will be launching Ava the Elephant. Innovative, entertaining and specifically designed to appeal to a young audience the sweet-talking medicine dispenser makes a game of the administration of medicines and eases what can often be an unpleasant chore for both parent and child alike.

Developed in the USA by Tiffany Krumins (ABC Shark Tank’s first season success story), Ava was inspired by many years of working with sick children. Set to dispense with the anxiety associated with medicine administration, this unique invention has already proved a crucial accessory. Dramatically aiding the process of giving children necessary treatment Ava reduces the strain on parents/carers and stress in the child.

This product works by filling the dropper with the recommended dosage of liquid medicine, which is then inserted into a chamber and hidden within the device.  The child is then encouraged to take the medicine through the trunk of Ava the Elephant.  Encouragement can be given not only by the parent but by Ava too as she voices enthusiastic phrases to aid the process and praises the child with “One, Two, Three…Open Wide.  Good job!”

Ava is BPA and Phthalate-free, dishwasher safe and very easy to use.

The product is patented, registered and retails at £14.99 on

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