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Reviewed by Katie Allen

Attipas Functional shoes are a world first in toddler shoes. As light as a sock but more supportive than a pre-walker, these functional shoes ergonomically support toddlers’ first steps & thereafter.

– Convenience: Strong, Smooth, Non-Slip, Machine Washable, Fast-Drying
– Breathable: Superior, breathable fine holes release heat
– Big Toe Box: Free toe movement to improve cognitive and motor development
– Safety: Non use of hazardous materials and adhesives, no use of Formaldehyde
– Lightweight & Flexible: Super lightweight, just like wearing socks!

On first sight the Attipas shoes look a little comical. The extra room that’s provided for little toes make the shoes look like they’d be best placed upon the feet of a clown. Once they were on my daughter’s feet, however, they strangely looked quite normal.

It seems that any shoe you put on a toddler they are determined to take off as soon as they are in their car seat (along with their socks), one of the great selling points of the Attipas shoes is they seem virtually impossible to be removed by their wearer!

Edith is 22 months old and has been walking for about 6 months. I wish I’d had these shoes 6 months ago as they would have been perfect for her while she was finding her feet in the house. I was pleased to see that she loved them instantly and straight away stamped around and went up on her tiptoes (which she was unable to do in her other shoes).

I’m not sure they’d be suitable for outdoors as they don’t appear to be waterproof but inside and on dry days they are brilliant.

The range of colours is great as I love to dress Edith is bright colours and I went for the Sneaker Shoe style which looked great with any outfit and at about half the price of “normal” children’s shoes they are bargain!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £15.99

Available to buy from Attipas Show in sizes from 2.5 to 5.5 here.


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