ASDA Baking and Making Easter Treats

Reviewed by Trish Bramhall

First of all, wow! I couldn’t believe the number of items sent to me from ASDA to review for Easter baking.

The items received where all simple to do, e.g. everything in a box kit like the carrot cake kit, and also most items you need to come up with ideas for baking. So me and the grandkids were in for a week of baking!

First up we used ASDA self-raising flour, sugar, micro Easter eggs, mini marshmallows, unicorn sprinkles, vanilla frosting, eggs and ready to roll icing. And from this we made a simple sponge cake filled with strawberry jam and some of the vanilla frosting sandwich together then covered in the very easy to roll white icing a few mini marsh mallows and micro Easter eggs.

From the same mixture as above we also made some small buns, put a little vanilla icing on the top and decorated in unicorn sprinkles. Quick and simple idea turned out fab!

The items we got together next was ASDA Bran Flakes, golden syrup, butter, white chocolate, plain chocolate and some micro Easter eggs.

How hard is it to get children and perhaps some adults to eat bran flakes? I needed an idea to get them to try. So we crushed the bran flakes up and mixed with the plain chocolate and made them into small nest, once cooked and cooled, decorated the tops with micro Easter eggs and swirls of melted white chocolate. They may not ‘look’ brilliant but the adults and children ate them in no time, unaware really of what they were made from. Definitely be making these again.

Next Item: ASDA NEW FREE FROM (gluten free and dairy free). Chocolate Cookie Sandwich Kit. All you need to add is unsalted butter and water OR dairy free alternatives.

Simple instructions on the package: Easy to mix up and rolled into 6 small balls, place spaces out on baking parchment then flatten slightly to look like cookies, bake for 10 minutes, let cool, then it was time to make up the icing which is included, spread this on to one cookie and sandwich together with another one. Once you’ve done them all you roll the edges into the multi coloured sprinkles. As you see from the picture these look pretty good. The grandkids were very impressed and said they tasted delicious.

Another day means more baking… This time it’s the ASDA Carrot Cake Kit and ASDA Carrot Cake decorations.

Again, very easy to follow instructions on the box. Need to add eggs vegetable oil and milk

The grandchildren are getting very good at all this mixing and are really enjoying themselves, didn’t take long to prepare, and into the oven it goes. Once cooked waited for it to cool before making up the creamy frosting. Spread over the middle and sandwich together and the remaining mixture goes on the top we then added the lovely little ASDA carrot cake decorations.

Oh My Goodness! This cake was so moist! It says serves 12 but in our house we liked bigger portions of this so served 8.

Now time to make the ASDA Chocolate Pinata Cupcake Kit.

You need to add egg, softened unsalted butter and water and it makes 6.

Again, really easy to follow the instructions. Smelt delicious could hardly wait for it to cool. Once it was cool you cut out some of the middle add some of the chocolate beans inside and pop the cut out bit back on top, then we put the chocolate icing into a piping bag and did a swirl pattern on each one and added the remaining chocolate beans. I was very impressed with how these looked. Shame it only makes 6. Oh well just means need to purchase two of the cupcake kits next time then everyone gets to enjoy.

Next day we made one of my favourite cake: Lemon Drizzle Cake. We have not tried this ASDA Drizzle Cake Kit before though.

Oh my, this smelt of so much lemon! Simple and quick to make, once cooked and cool rather than decorate with lemon rind. We put our Easter twist on it with micro Easter eggs and a few unicorn sprinkles. This went down well with everyone who enjoyed a slice, everyone commented on the gorgeous lemon taste.

Right then: next to make was then ASDA Chocolate Cake Kit box.

Plenty of chocolate lovers here, and this looks delicious on the box, just add eggs, vegetable oil unsalted butter and water.

Wow! Smelt delicious even before it for out in the oven. The grandkids kept asking ‘is it ready yet!’ They couldn’t wait to give this one a try. Again another moist cake which once cool we decorated with chocolate icing sandwich together and spread more on the top and because of Easter we loved the idea of decorating it with chocolate Easter bunnies and a few micro Easter eggs. All I can say is delicious!!

Next day we decided just to make something very simple with the ASDA Rice Snaps, white chocolate, and the lovely marshmallow Easter chick faces.

Simply melted the chocolate added the rice snaps mixed well, divided between 12 small bun cases added the cute marshmallow Easter chick faces and let set in the fridge. Once set they were gone on no time.

Easter Biscuits

Seeing as I have some Easter shape stencils cutters, we next went on to make some funny Easter shape biscuits.

ASDA plain flour, sugar, butter, eggs and readymade piping icing.

Great to keep things simple when baking with kiddies. Plenty mixing and folding in, then knead together, roll out and use the Easter chicks and eggs bunny cutters. Cooked in about 10 minutes, cool then have fun using different ASDA readymade piping icing. We enjoyed making and enjoyed eating them.

Another day. And today’s baking is ASDA Free From (gluten free and dairy free) Vanilla Flavoured Sponge Mix. The package says scrummy sponge cake, and yes it was!

You need unsalted butter OR dairy free spread, eggs, water, icing sugar also we used fresh strawberries. Love again how easy to make cook and cool. Then made up some butter cream (butter and icing sugar). So once cool spread butter cream and some fresh strawberries sandwich together add a dusting of icing sugar and slices of fresh strawberries. Went down a treat!

Last but not least … we made some cornflakes buns but not just normal cornflakes and chocolate. We used ASDA cornflakes, plain flour, desiccated coconut, mini marshmallows, milk chocolate, sugar, softened butter.

Everything gradually in a large mixing bowl mix well divided between 12 small bun cases, cook for approx. 10 minutes and leave to cool. Put a little melted chocolate on top of each 2 or 3 mini marshmallows and grate some chocolate. Wasn’t sure how they would turn out, was a bit like let’s just see. And they taste great a little crunchy with a hint of coconut.

All in all I can say this week has been all about family time baking!

You don’t have to be brilliant bakers, just enjoy it! There have been many Easter treats made from all the products I received. And my kitchen has smelt so good. I look forward to making more again soon.

Rating: 5/5

All the ingredients are available to buy from or from your local ASDA supermarket.

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