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Aquabeads Frozen 2 Character Set Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

We all know it’s coming – at least those of us with kids under the age of ten do. It’s been in the offing for years, since the massive success of Elsa, Anna and Olaf’s first outing. I am, of course, talking about the imminent release of what will be the biggest film of the winter – Frozen 2. My house is ready, with millions of others across the country, to LET IT GO and embrace the Frozen fever.

The release of a massive film like Frozen 2 means that the shops will be full of Frozen-related gifts and toys, and just in time for Christmas. We really love crafty things in our house, so the Frozen 2 themed Aquabeads was just perfect for the kids to try out, and they were more than happy to give them a whirl.

Aquabeads are great because, unlike lots of bead-based craft kits, they don’t require an iron to bond the beads together. They just require a spritz of water using the water spray bottle provided and they bond together solidly. This means the kids can use them much more independently than if it needed a hot iron to fix it together, which they really enjoy.

The set contains:

  • enough beads to make seven characters, including some sparkly ones
  • 1 x clear base plate
  • 1 x water spray bottle
  • 2 x pattern sheets (1 is double-sided), featuring 7 characters to make

Using the Aquabeads is incredibly easy and the whole thing is set up in minutes. The baseboard is clear, so the it just sits on top of the pattern sheet. The sheets use a pixel / grid pattern that matches up with the grid on the base plate, so it’s just a case of the kids placing a corresponding bead on the base plate, over the top of the pattern. This allows younger kids to create recognisable characters in a matter of minutes and without frustration. Once they have created their character, all they need to do is give their work a couple of spritzes of water with the water bottle and (then the difficult bit!), leave it to set for an hour!

After the hour is up, the piece is ready to lift out of the base plate, and they have a rigid and sturdy little Frozen character in their little hands. We thought this set was great and both of my girls thought it was fabulous. Sets like this really encourage the kids to sit down, concentrate and get off their tablets and games consoles! We also loved that it gives them something long-lasting and tangible after they have spent the time working on it, and we all know how proud young kids are of their creations!

This set would make a fabulous Christmas present for any young child with an interest in Frozen and will absolutely delight fans of the film this Christmas. It’s great fun and ideal for creative kids this Christmas.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £13

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