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Aquabeads Beginners Studio Review

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

If you are looking for a creative Christmas gift idea look no further than the Aquabeads Beginners Studio. Suitable for both boys and girls, over 3 years old because of small parts, the set contains everything you need to get started. Complete with bead tray and bead frame, which clips on to become a tight-fitting lid when not in use, the two become a stable platform to make any beaded shape of your choice.

The beginners set includes 840 beads in 16 different colours, some solid and some opaque to enable your child to create the perfect design. To get started the beads can be emptied into the separate compartments of the bead tray so you have full visibility of the colours and all the different beads are easy to pick up. To help pick up the beads there is a wand which picks them up individually and holds in place until you have positioned them on the frame. The set also comes with 4 templates each with four designs to copy to get you started, after trying those you can let your imagination go wild and make any design you like. After making the design you cover with water using the special dispenser provided and wait 10 minutes to set. You can then use the bead peeler to lift the finished bead design off the tray. Should you run out of beads or particular colours you can buy 800 bead refill packs to top up the kit.

My five-year-old thought Aquabeads was fantastic and enjoyed every part of it from picking out colours to designing his own shapes. He found it easy to do, although a little fiddly. Slightly older children will have a steadier hand and find it a little quicker however it is enjoyable and creative at any speed. If your child enjoys arts and crafts they will love Aquabeads.

Aquabeads is simple yet effective and does not include any messy equipment like glue or paint. It’s a great rainy day idea and kept my son entertained for hours. I’m sure any child would be happy to receive Aquabeads in their Christmas stocking and at RRP of £9.99 its great value for money.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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