An Evening of Dirty Dancing Review


EveningofDirtyDancingAn Evening of Dirty Dancing
The Tribute Show
Grand Opera House, York

9 March 2014

Reviewed by Pamela Wright

Last night I went to see “An Evening Of Dirty Dancing” at the Grand Opera House in York.

I absolutely love the film (god knows how many times I have watched it) and I even have the soundtrack so I was really excited about going to see this.

The show is a tribute to the songs in the film and not a musical version of the actual film so I was a bit unsure how it would manage to keep everyone entertained for so long.

The show opened with a short intro mix of Dirty Dancing favourites which got everybody in the mood, this was then followed by a lovely version of “Be My Baby” sang by Aimie Atkinson.

I expected the show to be made up of a few good singers and lots of backing dancers but the whole show was performed by the small cast, each of them were singing, dancing and interacting with the audience. They put everything into each performance and they looked like they were really enjoying it as much as we were, the outfit changes were amazing too – although I’m slightly jealous the amount of effort they put it and they didn’t even look like they were starting to get tired.

The 1st half started of quite slowly with a nice calm audience enjoying the show then they blew us away with “Hungry Eyes” the room went mad as soon as the song started and we were then treated to some totally outstanding dancing with lifts and moves that had people cheering & applauding.

They managed to have the whole audience involved by the end of the 1st half and had us all up and dancing “Dirty Dancing style – (after a simple lesson)”.

The 2nd half of the show was out of this world and seemed to be over far too quickly, there were sooooo many fab parts in it that I would really struggle to find a favourite, I think I might have spent more time out of my seat than I did in it though. The performance of “cry to me” was the most beautiful romantic/sexy/full of love dancing I’ve ever seen” then came the she’s like the wind which was totally amazing.

It’s lovely to go and see something that has the audience taking part in it as much as we did, my hands are still tingling from all the clapping that I did.

I can’t believe that such a small cast can perform such an amazing show – I would definitely go see this again.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

An Evening of Dirty Dancing is currently touring thr UK, for more information and tour dates click here.

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