Alteya Organic Calming Massage Oil 110ML Review


Reviewed by New_Mama

Having attended baby massage classes when my son was younger, a post bath massage is a frequent occurrence and therefore it is important to me that the oil used takes into account the delicate nature of my baby’s skin and is made from natural ingredients. I also love a massage myself!

I have never used any of Alteya’s products before so was pleased to be chosen to review the brands organic calming massage oil. Delivered simply yet suitably in a cardboard box, no excess packaging was used. A white bottle with branded sticker featuring a modern yellow, blue and white design is cleverly appealing for both children and adults alike. Butterflies, rabbits and hearts feature within the sketch like background of the label. I immediately noticed that whilst the oil is advertised as suitable for use on babies, children and adults, it doesn’t actually state ‘baby’ within the name on the bottle, which I liked. Whilst many of the brands other items are aimed specifically at adults or children, this oil is actually designed to be suited for all the family and therefore named this way. A great idea to reduce the need for multiple different oils for the different ages within a household.

The massage oil is made only from pure and organic essential oils aimed to promote moisturised and nourished skin and a relaxed mindset. The oils rose and chamomile help create a ‘positive mindset’ whilst apricot, jojoba and calendula provide the ‘moisture and nourishment.’ The oil claims to be ‘gentle enough for all skin types and ages’ and so far this is the case, with both me and my little boy having sensitive skin (and no reactions so far!). As with the rest of their products, this massage oil is certified organic and is not tested on animals. The bottle itself is also recyclable. The bottles pump dispenser releases a honey coloured liquid which smells heavenly. Scented as ‘rose and calendula’ the smell reminds me of a tranquil spa and immediately does help to ‘calm the mind and soothe the senses’ as the product states on the website. A few drops rubbed together in the palm of your hands warms the oil ready to then massage onto the skin. On the website helpful reminders are there to advise parents not to massage a baby after eating, or if unwell and to avoid any recent injection sites or areas of soreness.

Easy to use, and like many oils, a little goes a long way. Coming in a 100ml bottle this product will last a while. Sold within the ‘moms and baby’ section on their website (alongside a wide useful product range including stretch mark and nappy rash creams), I think this would make a great gift for any parent to be, especially since it can be used for a little pampering for both parent and baby!

Rating: My little boy and I would give this massage oil a rating of 4 out of 5.

RRP: £12.70

This product can be purchased from the Alteya website here.

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