All in a Day by Sylvia Ann Baxter Review


Reviewed by Linzi Davies

This book arrived just in time to keep me company on an 11 hour flight to Mexico. The colourful front cover gave me the impression that there was going to be an explosive storyline, obviously centred on Friday 13th. I wasn’t disappointed but it also wasn’t as massive as I first believed it would be.

The story was filled with such in depth descriptive writing it was possibly to literally picture every single house, occupant within it and sometimes even going as far as being able to taste the food or drink that was being prepared. The story focused around a number of different villagers from a small Yorkshire town and was peppered with dialogue to suit. The characters were believable and their experiences at times beautiful. Remembering this was set in 1958, the ‘explosion’ wasn’t set around major crime or devastation but rather smaller incidents (what may seem unimportant to some) such as a little girl losing her pony, the love fading in a relationship, a broken leg and a struggle for acceptance from others. It captured my imagination and also in a way reminded me of what is actually important in life and how from small gestures and words, much larger things can manifest.

I loved the way the setting was described and then how each villager who was important to the story was introduced and an insight into their life was allowed. The middle part of the story then detailed the tiny occurrence which impacted and snowballed on their wellbeing before each character was revisited towards the end of the book to see how things had turned out. There was a real sense of trueness and just from reading I could feel a great deal of empathy from some of the characters.

Overall a well written, beautiful story to cheer up your day.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £7.99 (paperback)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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