Al Murray One Man, One Guvnor at The Lowry Review


AlMurrayAl Murray
One Man, One Guvnor
The Lowry, Manchester

8 March 2015

Reviewed by Jo Knox

I took my dad with me to go and watch Al Murray aka The Pub Landlord in his ‘One Man, One Guvnor’ show at The Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays, Manchester on 8 March. This venue has ample parking and if you eat in one of the restaurants then be sure to ask to get your ticket validated which reduces the parking fees.

The seats we had were excellent and the theatre was packed with people waiting with baited breath to hear from the man himself. The show starts with an introduction and a look around the audience to test the crowd. Murray certainly ensured he was in tune with his audience, pint in hand, working the stage. Murray pointed out some of his regular fans who he had seen before which I think is always a nice touch. I hadn’t been to seem him before and was wondering what sort of a night I was in for.

The comedy was politically directed and this demonstrated that this Murray certainly was up to date with current affairs. His opinions on these were at times ‘close to the bone’ and I wondered if he could get away with saying some of the things he did (of course he did and the audience lapped it up!). If you were to go and see this show you would need to have a thick skin and not offend easily. There was a fair amount of swearing and some that may have made the ladies blush! However, it was all part of the show and looking around no-one seemed to mind. In fact I heard a few people howling with laughter around me more so when the language was more choice…

The first half of the show was audience focused, delving into the occupations of some of the front row and spinning off some flippant comments along the way. The second half opened with an opportunity to take photos when Murray did a 360 degree slow motion spin for those who felt the burning desire to take a picture. I’ll admit I did but they didn’t come out so well!

The second half was more rehearsed than off the cuff like the first part of the show but then Murray opened the floor for questions on ‘his views’ on current affairs. Still on form and an amazing memory to recant the details of the people he had spoken to in the first part of the show and keep bringing them back into it.

Overall, I enjoyed this show (as did my dad) and whilst there was a fuzzy line of what was and wasn’t politically correct, Murray was tasteful even when I thought he crossed over that line but if you go to see this chap then you should already expect that. I would certainly go to see him again and a definite 5 out of 5 from me.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Al Murray is currently touring the UK with One Man, One Guvnor. For more information, tour dates or to book tickets visit

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