A Night To Remember Review

A Night To Remember

Centenary Digitally Remastered Edition

Reviewed by David Savage

The Titanic was billed as the world’s largest steamer and was said to be unsinkable. On its maiden voyage to New York it failed to heed warnings of ice and hit an iceberg causing the supposedly indestructible liner to sink. This classic black and white film is a great factual dramatization of the 1912 disaster based on the book by Walter Lord.

Based on known facts of the time this is a much more truthful version of events than the better known, modern day, Hollywood blockbuster version of the film and focuses on the Titanic and the disaster itself rather than the romanticised versions. After hitting an iceberg it shows how the liner sank within 90 minutes and not having enough lifeboats for everybody. A luxury liner that only enough lifeboats for 1200 people, enough to meet regulations but not enough for all the passengers.  Out of 2200 passengers and crew aboard 1500 were lost at sea.

This is a very compelling, engaging and enjoyable film. A very straightforward telling of the film based on known facts not fiction like modern day versions. In my opinion this is a much better, almost documentary, version of the film. A must see. While filmed in 1958 it is still great to watch.

Now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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