A Divided Inheritance by Deborah Swift Review

Reviewed by Angela Davis

On first starting to read this book I thought it would be just another family drama set in an historical era, but I turned out to be very different. I though it a little slow going at first, but it was certainly worth pressing on with it and I got to the stage where I was turning the pages quickly to see what twist the story plot would take next.

The story starts off in London in 1609, when the King was James I of England, just 6 years after the death of Elizabeth I. It tells a story of 2 different lives, one which could have been of soft comfort and pampering but never was, the other of living the life of being bullied at the hands of siblings and how the 2 are brought together through lies and deceit which it takes to the end of the book to be revealed.

The story travels from London and a fairly safe existence for Elspet Leviston, whose father owns a very successful lace business, although not such a life of safety for Zachary Deane the other main character, to the heat of Spain and a very different way of living for them both, but ultimately the girl’s stubbornness brings them to an understanding.

There’s a lot to learn about sword fighting and how the character’s lives become entwined, with love, heartache, deception and loss & the battle of the 2 main characters, who both have the willpower to try to win over the other.

Even in the final pages there’s a real twist to the story which leaves you wanting more of the story and is hard to believe that the story ends as it does, perhaps one day there will be a sequel.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99 (Paperback) / £2.99 (Kindle)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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