A Sweet Christmas Treat with Werther’s, Toffifee, Bendicks and Merci Review

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Reviewed by Tracey Stoker

So I was stuck for a surprise Christmas gift for my husband when I came across this chocolate/sweet bundle. It looked perfect for him as he is a proper chocoholic. So what could be better than 2 boxes of chocolates, a selection of Werther’s and a box of Toffifee. Even the word ‘Toffifee’ means Christmas in our house. We love them. The bundle contained a box of Toffifee, a Werther’s Caramel Christmas Shop Box, a Bendicks Mint Collection and Merci Chocolates. I must admit I had not heard of Merci chocolates before but the other 3 items we love, so it seemed like a perfect Christmas box.

I ordered them online which was nice and easy to do and the delivery was really quick. They all came in a large well packed box. Inside the box was lots of paper packaging, so none of the chocolate boxes were damaged which was good as that always worries me when ordering food gifts online. I was very impressed with how it was packed to be honest. I was even more impressed when I opened the box to see the size of the items. All four items were a good size, no small boxes of chocolates here which is good as let’s face it, nothing worse than opening a box of chocolates to find there is 6 chocolates in it!

So let’s go through what I got. The first the box of Toffifee. I was pleasantly surprised that it was a 2 layer box, plenty of Toffifee’s, so hubby was happy to share them.

He didn’t want to share his big box of Werther’s though. The box was designed like a Christmas house. A lovely design. Inside you had the creamy toffees, hard butter candies, creamy filling candies and then a surprise for us, eclairs. Not seen these ones before and they were delicious. We will definitely be looking out for these again. Then we had a large box of Bendicks mint collection. My hubby loves mint chocolates, but this is not the usual brand he buys, so I was worried they might not live up to his expectations. But I needn’t have worried as he really enjoyed them. Even family members who don’t usually eat the mint chocolates liked them. And they was plenty in the box. From bittermints for the serious mint lovers as they were quite powerful to the peppermint fondant creams which were really nice. Dark chocolate mint batons which tasted just like after eights. There really was quite a selection. They lasted nearly a week which in our house is a long time! And lastly, the Merci chocolates. These were the ones we hadn’t heard off. My husband was straight into these, bit like a child with a new toy! This was a huge box containing 32 little miniature bars of chocolates. There were 8 different flavours. Milk chocolate, coffee and cream, marzipan, hazelnut cream, hazelnut almond, dark cream, praline cream and a dark mousse. These felt like grown up chocolates. A box you get out once the kids have gone to bed. Chocolates you take your time with and savoury them. My husband loved the marzipan ones. I can’t comment on them as I never got to try them as he ate them all! But seeing as these were his gift, I will let him off.

I have never really bought chocolates as a Christmas gift before, well apart from a selection boxes for the kids. But I have to say this is a fantastic gift idea. There is enough variety that everyone will enjoy these. The only problem you may have is sharing them as they are so good. We will definitely be buying again. 5 out of 5 from our family.

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