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5 Second Rule Game Review


Reviewed by Cath Joyce

Does anyone else look forward to winter for all the fun board games you play on a cold winters afternoon with friends and family? My family certainly does, and it certainly wouldn’t be Christmas if Father Christmas didn’t leave a new board game alongside his empty beer glass and cake crumbs.

This year we will be playing 5 Second rule from Play Monster UK Ltd. It is the perfect game to play at family get togethers and is suitable for 3+ players. It does say it is suitable for ages 10+ but we played this with our 7 year old nephew and he was able to answer most of the questions. Younger players don’t tend to have the general knowledge required for a fair game so, depending on the child, you may need to choose the questions carefully to give them a little help. Whilst there are only 6 counters you can easily team up if there are more family members wanting to play.

The game is packaged in a carboard box and has a plastic insert to keep all the parts of the game in. Inside the box are

• 326 double sided question cards (652 questions in total)
• 6 PASS ON cards
• 6 SWITCH cards
• 6 counters
• 1 game board
• 1 electronic timer

The timer needs 3 x AAA batteries and a small Phillips screwdriver so be sure you have batteries ready so you can play straight away.

The game is simple to play, it begins with the youngest player who is first in the “hot seat” and the person to their right reads out one of the question cards. The player then has 5 seconds to name things that fit into the category on the card. The questions cover a wide range of subjects like films, food, geography and objects and include questions like name 3 words ending in “ing”, 3 things you can buy at the bakers or 3 countries that use the Euro as their currency. To add to the fun once the question has been asked the timer buzzer is pressed and the player must quickly come up with three answers and hit the buzzer before the buzzer goes off. If you manage to get three answers then you move your counter forward one place on the board and the play moves to the next player. If the player doesn’t manage to get three correct answers in 5 seconds then they stay where they are and the same question is asked to the next person, this time though they are not able to use any of the answers that the previous player gave which makes it a lot trickier.

Obviously, there are some questions that you might not like at all so this is where the PASS ON cards and SWITCH cards come into play. If the player in the “hot seat” doesn’t think they can answer the question they can use one of these cards as soon as the question is asked and play passes to another player. If they decide to use the PASS ON card the question is given to the player on their left. If this player answers correctly they get to move forward a place, however if they don’t say 3 correct answers then the original player moves forward one space. If the player plays the SWITCH card, then a different question card is selected and the player has to answer this question instead.

To make the game more fun there are a couple of “Danger zones” on the board and if a player is in one of these zones they must give 3 correct answers on their turn or they miss their next turn.

Overall this is a great game and offers hours of family fun this Christmas.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (only because it doesn’t come with batteries)

RRP and Buy Link: £21.99 but currently on offer at £21.41 (editor’s note – at the time of putting the review online) on Amazon here.

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