5 Qualities Found in the Best, High-Quality Pellet Smokers

Pellet smokers are a great piece of kit but they are also quite a hefty investment – so it’s really important that the one you choose to buy is going to be amazing. As there are so many different models on the market we’ve put together this guide on the five qualities to look for which tell you a pellet smoker is of high quality and therefore really worth buying.

Quality 1- An advanced temperature control system

High-quality smokers allow you total control over the temperature used, unlike the old style type where you took your chances on low, medium and high fixed settings. This is the most critical aspect of grilling which cannot be messed with, and getting it right means endless access to delicious meats smoked slow and (consistently) low.

The top class choice is a PID temperature controller as this offers settings in five-degree increments, and can adjust to changes in the weather which affect the temperature.

Quality 2 – A well designed and well-sized grilling space

Presuming you have some idea of how you plan to use a pellet smoker you will be looking for a model suitable for your purposes; so a grill which will be used occasionally for two or three people could easily be smaller than a pellet smoker expected to be put to work for good-sized groups on a regular basis. See more about this through Exchange Bar and Grill. Good quality pellet grills will make the most of the size on offer, with well shaped lids to allow for large pieces of meat to be smoked, some come with dual level racks too.

Quality 3 – WiFi capacity

Whether or not you embrace the digital age you need to seriously consider a WiFi pellet smoker. Via an app you get to do all kinds of things without being outside or even at home! It works by letting you add details of the meat or other items you plan to smoke and customize settings for each – and the smoker then knows when to start, stop, change temperature or keep the finished food warm.

 Quality 4 – Auto fuel feeder

If you have a WiFi pellet smoker another advantage of being able to program a fuel hopper to keep the fires burning throughout the process – a handy feature when you are away from the smoker for a while.

Quality 5 – Internal probe

The traditional dilemma of needing to open the lid of your grill to check the temperature of your food, but spoiling the cooking process by opening the lid at all, is off the agenda with a good quality pellet smoker- as it will come with an integrated thermometer which can be monitored from the outside of the grill.

There are, of course, lots of other factors such as ease of cleaning, price, portability and life expectancy you may want to consider when buying a pellet smoker, once you have narrowed down the field using the guide above.

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