Wahl Power Clippers Review

Reviewed by David Savage

Shower, shave and a visit to the barbers was pretty much all men needed while I was growing up. Now, male grooming and taking pride in your appearance is big business with men even having their own creams, potions and makeup! Some men are now probably taking as much time (or more) to get ready for a night out than women. Now while that isn’t for me (a shower and shave is as much as I can manage), I do like to keep my hair cut short – I have it shaved to a No. 2. Despite getting older and losing my hair, what I do have grows pretty quickly and while I go to the barbershop every month it could do with tidying up in between visits. So I was delighted when offered the Wahl Power Clippers for review.

The Wahl Power Clippers are cordless rechargeable hair clippers, available in black or blue. I say cordless, they can also be used with the cord, so you get the best of both.

In the box there is:

  • Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper
  • 10 comb attachments (1-8 plus left/right ear taper combs)
  • Hairdressing cape
  • Soft storage pouch
  • Barber comb
  • Scissors
  • Charger
  • Blade oil
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction booklet

Out of the box, the clippers need charging, this takes around 3-5 hours from completely flat. A full charge will give approx. 120 minutes of cordless run time. They also have a Quick Charge function – this is a 15 minutes charge that will give you 12 minutes of use, so enough for a quick haircut, tidy up or trim. At the bottom of the clippers is an LED to indicate when the clippers need charging. The thing that I like most about these clippers is that if they are running out of battery you can plug them in and carry on using (it wouldn’t be good running out of battery halfway through a cut and having to wait for the clippers to recharge before you can finish).

The clippers come with 10 different size cutting comb attachments from size 1 up to 8 and something I haven’t seen on other clippers before, left and right ear taper combs to make tapering behind the ear and on the neck so much easier.

The clippers are extremely comfortable to hold and fit the hand very well with the ergonomic design. The cutting levels are easily adjustable using your thumb. When using cordless, this affords you freedom of movement as there is no cord in the way and the 120 minutes cutting time ensures that you have plenty of time for several haircuts. In the case of a low battery, you also have the options of the quick charge or just plugging it in and using corded clippers.

The finished cut is very good as the clippers have precision ground blades which means the blades are sharp and there is no real pull or tugging when using. The clippers make it effortless to cut hair, clean up necklines, touch up sideburns and trim around ears. The clippers are even supplied with scissors so that you can tidy up any straggly bits of hair. And a large cape is supplied that easily fastens around the neck so that hair isn’t going all over your clothes.

Cleaning is easy with the supplied cleaning brush. After each use the clippers should be cleaned and then a drop of clipper oil applied to the blades while it is running.

Overall, the Wahl Power Clippers are great for at home haircuts, trims or just generally tidying up your hair. They are easy and comfortable to use and seem just as good on battery (and the battery life is very good) as on the mains. They don’t pull or tug the hair and give a good clean cut.

When not in use, the clippers and accessories all store neatly in the supplied storage pouch.

With Christmas approaching, these would make a great gift for someone that loves to keep their hair tidy and looking its best at all times.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £69.99

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