Twist & Spritz Atomiser Review

Reviewed by Sandip Stapleton

I have just received and opened the Twist & Spritz Atomiser. It’s a nicely sized package that fits through your letter box so if you were looking to send this to someone as a gift for Christmas, Birthday, Father’s/Mother’s Day etc. present, they will not need to visit their post office depot to collect it if they missed the postie, which is what happened to me. It’ll be a nice surprise waiting for them on their welcome mat.

The atomiser I have received is a white marbled one with a rose gold ring around the middle which has the words Twist & Spritz etched into it. It has a nice solid feel to it, without being heavy, and feels well made. I’m not sure I would give this exact colour scheme to my husband as a Father’s Day present because although the marble is pretty unisex, the rose gold gives it a feminine touch. It looks like I will just have to keep this for myself. There is an all black marble one which I think is more suited to his taste, but they come in a huge range of colours and finishes.

It is perfectly sized for your handbag, so you no longer need to buy your favourite perfume in a smaller bottle. This perfect for nights out, weekends away or going away on holiday which is what I am planning on using it for. 

The info leaflet says that this will take up 8ml of perfume which is the equivalent of 100 sprays. You need to lift out the inner sleeve out of the casing and pop that onto your perfume bottle and pump it which fills the casing with the liquid. It’s so easy to use and not at all messy. Once you pop the inner sleeve back in, you are good to go. The outer patterned sleeve doesn’t have a lid to it, the twist action opens the spray nozzle and then you just spritz. It’s just perfect.

I will definitely be purchasing these as gifts and maybe even get myself another one so that I can take a couple of different perfumes with me on my summer holiday.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £10 to £12

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