Things To Think About When Buying Your First Car

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Your first car is a big deal. The first set of wheels that takes you to school, work, or on a road trip. The first one will inevitably break your heart too. While they are only cars, it’s hard not to get attached. Many people name their vehicles. In fact, that is how much they mean. Many people who are in the middle of taking driving lessons will be dreaming of a big 4×4 or a sporty little number. But they cost a lot, and it’s not always feasible to buy something new outright. You’re still better to check somewhere like Newton of Ashley, a top-rated dealer.

Reality Check

What do you actually need? You might think you need the latest, most impressive Land Rover because that 4×4 monster is perfect. The fact that you live in the inner city and probably couldn’t find anywhere to park it shouldn’t matter! We could also talk about the fact that a big engine is going to eat your money. And if you aren’t in a position to swap all your cash for fuel, then that is something else to think about.

What do you need? Room for some car seats? Space in the boot for a lot of shopping? 7 seats? Think about what is realistic for you.


What do you have spare each month that you can do without? Running a car is an expensive business. So you need to know what you can really spend. Make sure you include insurance, breakdown cover, fuel costs, regular maintenance, and a yearly check.

Big Day

Most people browse the internet to choose a car. They can read the specifications and decide what is going to work. And sometimes you can get them delivered, but you’d do well to go and see the car in person. You’ll want to sit in it, look around it, and take it for a test drive too. If you haven’t passed your test, are pretty nervous then ask someone you trust to go with you.

Things to check:

  • Open the boot
  • Check for rust spots
  • Wind all windows up and down
  • Test the horn
  • Move the seats
  • If you are going to have car seats fitted, then ensure the seats are the right shape
  • Sit with the engine running and check the lights and the dashboard

If there are other features, you know the car has, then test those too.

Test Drive

Going back to the test drive. A quick spin around the block isn’t going to cut it. You need to be able to take the car on a drive that will allow you to either hear and feel the gear changes on an automatic, or how it handles in manual. If you aren’t comfortable going on dual carriage-ways and so on as a test, then you should ask the dealer or your car-buying-buddy to do it, so you can get a feel for it and see that it is in good working order.

Sometimes, however, you will see a car and know that it is the one for you – even with the odd rust spot!

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