The Worst Witch at the Theatre Royal Plymouth Review


Reviewed by Katie Allen

The set is simple with a metal frame in the shape of spooky towers being Mildred’s bedroom, Miss Cackle’s office and housing the band’s coven. Special mention must go to Megan Leigh Mason, Molly-Grace Cutler and Meg Forgan. Not only do they play (and understudy) pupils and teachers at the Academy but they also play all the music in the show. My mind boggles at their insane talent.

The whole cast were a great team bringing the characters to life. Danielle Bird played clumsy, haphazard Mildred including a performance on the trapeze/broomstick that would not be out of place in any clown show/circus.

Rosie Abraham personified the stuck-up, arrogant, snobbery of Ethel and Emma Lau perfectly simpered as her sidekick as Drusilla. Rebecca Killick also showed her trapeze/broomstick talent and had great chemistry with Danielle playing Mildred’s best friend Maud and Consuela Rolle’s Enid brought spunk to the show and had us all singing along – What’s up Witches!

Rachel Heaton brought warmth to the cold-blooded Miss Hardbroom and as for Polly Lister – what a powerhouse! Her Jekyll and Hyde performance playing Miss Cackle and Agatha was quite something to behold and, I imagine, exhausting to play.

The innovative stagecraft kept the show simple yet magical. I loved how the actors used puppets for their “familiars” and the lighting really brought all the sorcery to life.

We really enjoyed the show as did the rest of the audience of pre-teens. The guidance suggests age 7+ which I would agree with. Children around 9 would especially enjoy it.

We decided to make a day of it in Plymouth and found a car park near the theatre – Derry’s Cross – which was a reasonable £8 for the day. We had a great time exploring the Barbican and the Drake Circus shopping centre getting something to eat at the nearby Turtle Bay restaurant.  

While you’re at the theatre don’t forget to get a photo with the Messenger – you won’t miss her. What an impressive, imposing structure the city now has. She’s beautiful.

Rating: 4/5

Tickets cost from £15 to £24.50 (booking fees may apply).

The Worst Witch is at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth from 9-13 April 2019, for more information or to book tickets visit or call the box office on 01752 267222.

Theatre Royal Plymouth, Royal Parade, Plymouth, PL1 2TR | 01752 267222

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