Sweets on a Stick by Linda Vandermeer Review

Reviewed by Michelle Wright

I had been contemplating trying my hand at the one of the latest baking trends, cake pops… just at the time when I was asked to write a review for this book! Perfect!

Well basically, what this book doesn’t cover about goodies on a stick, isn’t worth knowing! It is just what I had been looking for and more and with over 150 recipes I then just had to figure out which one to try first!!

It explains very clearly what equipment you need, the basic cake and frosting recipes and throughout has handy tips and hints of ways to adapt the recipes to your taste! The chapters are split covering cake pops, cookie pops, cupcake pops as well as outside of the box pops (a fabulous collection of ingenious sweets on a stick which don’t cover the normal constraints)!

The photography throughout is bright, colourful and mouth-watering and I have already tried a handful of the recipes… and they were delicious! Maybe not quite as finished looking as the pictures in the book but certainly easy to follow and with a little practice, I may introduce some of my creations over the Christmas holidays!

I would certainly recommend this book as a gift or present or even as a treat for yourself. It will certainly be appearing on my cookbook shelf and I am sure will be well used in the future!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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