Skintruth Nourishing Facial Kit Review

SkintruthNourishingFacialKitSkintruth Nourishing Facial Kit

Reviewed by Marianne Rowley

The Skintruth Nourishing Facial Kit arrived in an elegant white transparent case with the 6 products.

I had a look at all the instructions on each product to check the order of use: Cleansing Milk (200ml) or Exfoliator (150ml), Mask (100ml), Toner (200ml), Serum (50ml), Moisturiser (200ml). I noticed that they needed to be applied with either your fingertips, sponge, damp cotton, damp pad or spatula/mask brush. Most of them are formulated with Orchid and Ginseng except the Exfoliator which has Aloe Vera and Starflower.

I decided to start with the Exfoliator, Toner, Serum and Moisturiser. The Exfoliator opens with a cap. It gives out a small amount of clear product with micro beads. It needs to be applied with a damp cotton pad. There isn’t a big amount of micro beads which is lovely as you don’t feel like it scratches your face. It smelled really lovely.

The Toner also opens with a cap. It gives out a clear liquid. It needs to be applied on with a damp pad on damp skin. Whilst I waited for it to dry, it kept giving out a gorgeous smell.

Once my skin was dry, I applied the Serum. The pump twists and there is a small dent to show where to place it. It dispenses a small amount which needs to be applied with fingertips. It was easy to apply, quick to dry and smelled amazing.

I proceeded to open the Moisturiser. It took me a few seconds to work out how to open the pump. I was going the wrong way and end up unscrewing it. Once I realised I was doing it wrong and needed to hold the cap and twist the other way to make the pump jump up, it was very easy to apply with fingertips and also smelled very nice.

After just one use, my skin felt better already.

At night, I proceeded to wash my face with the Cleansing Milk. It has a pump just like the Moisturiser. The first time I used it, the pump leaked (I am not sure if I did something wrong as it didn’t happen again). It needs to be applied to wet skin and washed off with a sponge. It did leave my skin clean and feeling refreshed.

On the second day, I fancied having a go with the mask. I used the Cleansing Milk in the shower. The mask comes in a jar and needs to be applied with either a spatula or a Mask Brush. Not having either of them, I have to admit I used my fingers. It leaves a thin transparent layer on your skin which means that during the 10-15 minutes you need to leave it on, you can get on with other job in the house and it won’t matter if anybody sees you. Once the time is up, it was easy to remove with damp cotton and proceeded to apply the Toner, Serum and Moisturiser.

As I applied make up that day, I felt it went on nicer and smoother. In the evening, I used the Cleansing Milk to remove it with a damp cotton pad. It removed all of it very nicely.

As I carried on using the products, I kept having to refer to the instructions to check what I needed to use to apply it or remove it. I was a bit confused by the different items I needed to use each time so I either used my fingertips or damp cotton pad which seemed to work anyway.

I feel this is very good value for money as each product delivers the right amount needed to apply. It is going to last me a long time. The bottles look very smart and the case, which has a handle, is great to take them all on holidays.

I have loved those products and can’t believe how much better my skin feels already. They all smell absolutely divine and I am looking forward to carrying on using them. I would highly recommend.

I would rate it 4 out of 5 (for the leaking pump and different items needed to apply or remove).

Rating: 4/5

RRP:  £17.49 plus VAT (£20.99)

Available to buy from Beauty Express here.

4 Star

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