Simple Ways to Grow Email Marketing Package Review

Simple Ways to Grow
Email Marketing Package

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

I had been looking into email marketing packages but found them either too expensive or was concerned as I didn’t know the company offering them. I then came across a tweet which mentioned Simple Ways to Grow. What appealed to me was buying a package from a well-known company (Royal Mail). I could choose between Starter Marketing at £45+VAT per month, Email Marketing at £59+VAT per month or Direct Marketing at £59+VAT per month. Because I wanted to reach as many people as possible I opted for email marketing. Signing up was a simple process and I immediately received a confirmation email. Shortly afterwards I received welcome emails for DBS Data and Newzapp who provide the data and email marketing. I logged in to DBS Data to commence my 1stmonth’s email marketing campaign. I opted for business data and bit by bit the process guided me through selecting my data. Once I had chosen the types of business I wanted and geographical area I could narrow down my search by other criteria such a company turnover etc… The package comes with 1000 records per month which I quickly ordered.  

The DBS website is easy to use and if you make a mistake it is simple to go back a step. I then logged out of DBS data and in to Newzapp to prepare my marketing email. There was a good selection of email templates both style and colours wise. I opted for one which fitted in best with the colours of my logo.  I got a bit stuck laying out my email and so Newzapp’s helpful support staff guided me through the process. On the whole, preparing your email is very easy and I managed to add images and links to mine. I sent an email detailing the services offers. I went into the contacts screen and saw that my data had come across from DBS. Once I had completed laying out my email I saved it. There was a helpful option to input email addresses to send the email to. I used this to send the email to myself as a test. Once I was happy with my email I sent it to the whole group of data that had come across from DBS.

The reports area of Newzapp’s website contains some very useful tools.  I could see how many emails failed, bounced, were opened and even how many people clicked on which link within my email. The overall open rate was just over 10% which I was delighted with. I had no direct enquiries as a result of my first month’s marketing campaign, but I do understand that it takes a while for companies to get to know you. Another thing I like about the package is the emails you get from time to time which are packed with helpful hints.  I had 138 unsubscribers which wasn’t a bad amount at all. The bounce rate was also not too bad.

For my second month’s marketing campaign I decided to take a different approach. I requested consumer data from DBS. I was delighted to see that it could be selected by geographical area, by income, whether someone is male or female or has children etc. I chose a couple of specific locations and then narrowed down my selections. I then ordered the data and prepared my marketing email while I waited for the data to come across from DBS. The email aimed at website users and how the website could be useful for them. I had unfortunately misplaced the email with my logins but a quick call to the Simple Ways to Grow Support line resolved this situation. I was put through to Newzapp and DBS respectively. Because the 2ndcampaign was consumer data, Newzapp had to send it while I was on the phone. The member of staff who helped me could not be more helpful. 

Once the email was sent I went to the reports area and watched how many people were opening the email. Overall I had more than a 14% open rate and just 71 unsubscribers so far. The bounce rate was also not too bad. Being able to see which links were clicked helped show me which areas of my email readers found interesting. In both campaigns it was our main website link and competitions. I have had no direct enquiries as a result of my email, but I wasn’t trying to sell services on my 2ndcampaign, just make people aware of my website.

Newzapp has other useful tools like a How to guide within their resource area. There is also an import/export function. I find it very user friendly and on the odd occasion I did get stuck I got help quickly and easily. Whilst it is early days for us, having used this package for just 2 months, I am very pleased with it. It would have been nice if I had had some enquiries as a result of my campaigns, but I understand that building up a relationship takes time.    

I think that the cost of this and the other marketing packages is reasonable and attainable for small businesses.   

Rating: 4/5

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