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Racing Demon Playing Cards Review

Reviewed by Lorraine Knight

The postman handed me a box and as I tore it open I was very pleased to see it was the Racing Demon Playing Cards Game. The game box was wrapped in red tissue paper, which complemented the black and red box.

Upon opening the box I discovered 6 different colour packs of cards, 2 pencils, a score pad and rules of play.

I quickly asked my parents to come round and play with us all so we could test out the theory that it’s based on aged 5+.

We read the rules, decided which colour pack we would have each and started slowly to work out how to play. There were 4 of us playing this first game and it was very true as per the instructions that it became very fast and hectic. I instantly loved it along with my mum aged 75. We were hooked. My 15 year old then joined in the next game but said it was to fast for him – I was very surprised by this because he is very competitive and likes to play card games. My 10 year old needed lots of assistance to play and we all had to make allowances for him otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to lay any cards down as it’s so fast paced. He gave up half way through the game.

My husband, parents and myself then continued to play trying the many different ways described in the rule book. My favourite is starting with 21 cards on our demon piles and laying any suit in numerical order. This certainly made the game faster. As the evening wore on I found myself wanting to play more and more. I’m really looking forward to taking this on holiday along with our other usual game choices.

Basic rules are – everyone has their own pack of different colour cards, deal 13 cards onto a pile in front of you (these are called your Demon pile) facedown and 4 cards face up by the side of the pile. Turn over the top card from your Demon pile. When someone shouts GO lay any Aces into the middle of the table face up and anyone playing can then add the same suit numerically 2, 3, 4 etc… onto these piles until the king is placed on top. If 6 people are playing there can potentially be 24 Aces on the table so you can imagine how hard it is to keep an eye on play at all times. You are racing against other players to lay all your cards from your Demon pile into the middle to win. As you lay cards from your 4-card line up you replace them from the Demon pile so always insuring there are 4 cards. Once someone has won the cards are counted and pointed on the scoring pad.

In summary I’d say this game is more suited to groups of children playing together or groups of adults. It can get very hectic and competitive and hard for the children to keep up with grown-ups.

I like the fact it can be played with 2 people up to 6 so suits most occasions.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £35

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4 half Star

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