Pizza Express Lowry Centre Manchester Review

Pizza Express
Lowry Centre, Manchester

Reviewed by Michelle Wright

Mmm, I can smell the garlic already and my mouth is already watering! My all time favourite, child friendly Italian restaurant!

We visited Pizza Express on a cold afternoon in January at the Lowry Centre in Salford Quays. The area around the Lowry centre has such a vibrant buzz about it, especially since Media City was built just over the river.

Pizza Express attracts shoppers, theatre goers and visitors to the local War Museum as it is bright clean and modern with a fabulously priced menu.

Our party consisted of two hungry adults and an inquisitive five year old! Our daughter was memorised by the open kitchen area in the middle of the restaurant – a fabulous way of demonstrating how fresh their food is! She loved watching the chiefs use the large pizza ovens and their use of ‘big shovels’ as she called them, to move the pizzas in and out.

The children’s menu at Pizza Express is great value for money at only £6.45. Included in this meal you will find dough balls starter, a main course with side salad, a dessert, a drink and a bambinoccino – all freshly prepared mini versions of the adult menu!

Whilst we waited for our food, my daughter was provided with crayons and an activity sheet, which not only kept her occupied but was also very educational and very well thought out! The games on the sheet covered origins of passata, types of pasta and various ingredients, which resulted in a very quiet little girl and a mighty impressed mummy!

Our starters arrived and shortly afterwards so did our main courses. The food, as always was delicious – very fresh and full of taste. So much so that we were left questioning how much room we had left for dessert – a situation un-heard of in my family!

To our delight, Pizza Express offer Dolcetti – a fabulous range of mini desserts which come with coffee! Perfect for when you can’t manage a whole dessert but still need something sweet to finish off your meal! This was just what we had been looking for – and I would imagine perfect for those wanting a coffee and treat when shopping or for having before you pop into the theatre!

We had a lovely relaxing meal in Pizza Express and hope to return there soon.

Pizza Express have also brought out a new range of Leggera Pizzas which are only 500 calories which they aptly added the strap line ‘more on top, less on the bottom!’ The range of Leggera pizzas are inspired by the classic fresella bread from Naples – an Italian bread with a hole on the middle. The dough in the centre of the pizza is replaced by a fresh salad of rocket and ricotta cheese! This new range was launched in January this year – go and try it out!

For further information about their new ranges, and their pizza collection service, have a look at the Pizza Express website

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