Paradise Island Golf, Trafford Centre, Manchester


Paradise Island Golf

Reviewed by Michelle Wright and family

Our visit to Paradise Island Golf was a great way to spend a Sunday Bank holiday afternoon. The venue is in a prime location next to the cinema in the Trafford Centre, with free parking and is very close to the food court.

Our party consisted of two very excited giggly 5 year old girls, a Mummy and a very competitive Daddy! When we booked in at the desk we were provided with adult and child sized golf clubs, as well as a scorecard and four different coloured balls. With two fabulously themed 18 hole adventure golf courses to choose from – which one would we pick? Tiki Hut Trail or Temple Ruins? The girls decided on the Temple Ruins theme, and so after storing our coats in a £5 refundable locker we started the course.

After sorting out the inevitable ‘I want to go first’ ‘no I do’ we set off on our adventure. As we made our way through the course we entered into a world of palm trees, beach huts, ancient ruins and exotic wildlife. We were surrounded by realistic sounds of rain and tropical birds, and along with a warm temperature, this made the whole at experience feel as if we were in the middle of a tropical rain forest or jungle!  When the lights flashed like we were in the middle of a thunderstorm the girls faces lit up; and as we passed the elephant which sprayed a mist of cooling water from its trunk, the girls shrieked in delight!

The course was getting progressively trickier as we went deeper into the jungle, but with the amount of ‘hole in one’ that the girls were getting, it would seem that the course was suitable for all age groups and skill levels – even competitive Daddy was very un-coolly jumping for joy when he got the shot in one as well!

“We had a brilliant time! My favourite part was the elephant spraying us with water half way through – it made us all jump and it cooled us down!” Scarlett aged 5

The golf course itself is in two levels which made the journey more interesting as we got different perspectives of the cleverly devised scenery. It consisted of a typical format crazy golf course and took about an hour to complete, – we all had a fabulous time. At only £21 for a family of four we will certainly going back again…and it’s also worth knowing that Paradise Island Adventure Golf can provide a unique setting for birthday parties and corporate events.

Paradise Island Adventure Golf

LB1A The Dome

The Trafford Centre, Manchester

M17 8DF

Tel: 0161 202 9544

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