Muffie Handwarmer Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

On the day the Muffie arrived in the post it was a cold, grey day that seemed miles away from summer, I opened the package and I was transported into a tropical rainforest. Winter weather forgotten the bright colours and vibrant pattern that met me immediately lifted my spirits.

Putting my hands inside the wrapping the Muffie felt super snuggly and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I suffer with low blood pressure and therefore poor circulation so my hands are always cold, so the Muffie suited me perfectly. The first thing I noticed was the amazingly soft material. The website states it as butter soft and I can wholeheartedly agree, it’s like a mixture of fleece and velvet with a slight sheen. Then I noticed my hands didn’t touch, instead of just a tube, its designed as two separate pockets, one for each hand, so your hands don’t touch but you can feel them against each other once inside. On further investigation I noticed that there is a full length zip so that the cover can be removed for washing, a great idea to keep it clean and fresh. Inside the cover is a tubular pillow covered with breathable Coolmax® fabric and filled with 100% polyester filling so it is completely machine washable.

On using the Muffie for a couple of days a few things became apparent, the first being its lovely and warm! It’s not just your hands though the pockets are deep so both my hands and my wrists were completely covered. Secondly it’s very supportive, the pillow inside is springy and bouncy with just the right amount of support. Thirdly it makes a fantastic pillow! The supportive softness works well as a head support but also under my knee when an old injury was playing up.

For me, the Muffie is perfect for travelling, I get cold on planes and trains and it quickly transforms to a pillow when you need a snooze. I would love it if it had a little clip to attach to my bag whilst on the move. For my mum, who has arthritis in her hands, it really gave her comfort whist relaxing in the evening and I wouldn’t hesitate in buying her one as a gift to ease her aches and pains.

There are four Muffie collections, Wild, Wow, Cosmic and Romantic with six designs in each, so there are plenty of patterns to choose from. I was sent mine covered in Flying Colours from the Wild collection, a vibrant pattern with multi coloured birds on a bright pink background. I absolutely loved it but if you prefer a paler colour combination go for the pastels from the Romantic collection, if darker colours are more your thing try the black and gold print from The Cosmic range. .

Take a look at the website for gifting inspiration. Great for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and Christmas this is a gift for all occasions, or just treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed. With The Muffie 100% made and produced in Britain it means even more to be reducing air miles whilst keeping you warm and comfortable.

Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £35.95

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