Modibodi Period Pants Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

Periods. I’d say most of us ladies have wondered at some time if they can be done better. I know I have. What with the waste, the irritation, the leaks, the uncomfortableness and the inconvenience. I think I’ve tried most of what the market has to offer in the quest to make life easier but nothing ever seems to tick all the boxes. With a daughter soon to be approaching the age when I’ll have to support her in navigating this incredibly confusing and frustrating world herself; I like to be clued up on all of her (and my options). So I was more than happy to test out Modibodi’s period pants for Teens.

I’ve been a dedicated wearer of period pants for the past couple of years and so during that time have tried out a number of different brands. My 2 reasons for taking the step away from disposable sanitary wear towards reusable was to reduce waste and irritation. I personally find towels very irritating especially when worn through the night, tampons aren’t always appropriate. As a result I would say that I have easily reduced my waste by at least 98% but some months I’m happy to say, its 100%. Big high five to me. And all irritation has been eliminated.

As the sizing for the Modibodi’s are based on teenage sizes I made sure to refer to the sizing guide. I found that my usual size 10 is equivalent to Youth 14-16. The parcel arrived the next day and there wasn’t any plastic in sight of the neat little paper packages that the period pants were kept in. I received the Modibodi Red Hipster Bikini for Moderate to heavy flow in the Sunny Daze design. The pants were a very eye catching purple colour with a sunflower pattern on them. I have to say I absolutely loved them, not least because I’ve never thought to buy multi-coloured period pants, all the others I own are in plain black. I think because for me I’ve always associated my periods with being as discrete as possible, so this was quite a revelation for me. It CAN be fun and colourful and pretty!

The second pair I received was the Modibodi Red Hipster Bikini for Maximum flow and 24 hour wear in Ice Blue. Again this to me was a lovely a surprise and in contrast to the usual black collection of period pants that I already own. So when Aunt-Flo arrived, on day 1 I opted for the maximum flow option, as I knew I had a full day out, a lot of walking and wouldn’t be home until late, so this would be a real test. They fit perfectly and were so so comfortable. I literally forgot I was wearing them. Often with period pants when my flow is at its heaviest by mid-afternoon, they can feel quite wet and uncomfortable but I didn’t feel that with these at all. I was very impressed with how these pants held the moisture away from my skin and kept me feeling fresh and dry all day.

On day 2 I opted for the really funky looking Sunny Daze design for a moderate flow. These offered me the same feeling as the first pair and were beyond comfy. Modibodi also do a selection of other designs if you love a bit of colour and fun. The pants wash really well, just rinse in cold water and wash on a cool wash. I love everything about this brand and how sustainable and environmentally friendly their whole ethos is from the recyclable packaging to the reusable sanitary wear to the low temperature washing instructions. This is exactly what the planet needs!

Modibodi is definitely a brand I will be using again in the future both for myself and my daughter. The quality is brilliant and they do exactly as they promise. Since switching to period pants I’ve never looked back but now I have a favourite brand that I will recommend to other women from now on. The pants can be purchased from £19.50 from which is a great price considering that they will last for years; unlike the disposable options which cost money monthly. As well as their teen range Modibodi also do ranges for women, including maternity, babies and men. I absolutely give these pants a 5/5; I have a lot to compare them to and they are definitely the best period pants I’ve ever worn. They give me reassurance and comfort without any guilt about creating waste and at a really affordable price. Thank you Modibodi for opening up a fun new world of period pants to me that are top quality!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £19.50

These products can be purchased from Modibodi here

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