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ReadWithMeVioletRead With Me Violet


Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

LeapFrog products are always fun and educational and Read With Me Violet is no exception. My two year old twins love her.

Read With Me Violet is a large purple dog, about 30cm (12”) tall that makes reading fun and interactive. It comes with 5 books to read along with:

Book 1: The Pattern Book, “Let’s Go Camping!”, includes rhymes, refrains, and repetition to encourage children to predict what comes next.

Book 2: The Narrative Book, “Let’s Find Violet’s Toy!”, takes children through a story put together with characters, settings, and a sequence of events.

Book 3: The Concept Book, “Let’s Have a Party!”, explores concepts like colours to label and classify new information.

Book 4: The Rhyming Book, “Let’s Cheer Up Eli!”, children learn about the sounds of language while building phonological awareness.

Book 5: The Learn-About Book, “Let’s Learn About the Weather!”, helps reveal our world through reading, and reinforces the concept that print carries meaning.

Our boys love their books and now with Violet they can read along with her in story time mode or switch to Sleepy Time and have her read them a book and 8 minutes of lullabies, perfect for bedtime.

Children are encouraged to read through the interactive story time mode by patting Violet on the head when reading to read the next page and Violet reads along with you. You can also pat her paws, back and kiss her cheek. Not only is it encouraging reading skills but listening, comprehension and vocabulary skills as well. She has over 70 comprehension questions to encourage engagement  all prepared by early reading experts.

By pressing her paws, back, head and cheek she speaks, sings happy learning songs and all with a British accent. And as she is soft and cuddly she makes a great toy to play with too.

On her collar is a bone with five numbered buttons each relating to the books so you can select what book you want to read.

Overall, Read With Me Violent is a great educational toy that is encouraging my boys to sit with the books and talk along with Violet. By having to pat her head to continue reading or pressing her paws or kissing her cheek when asked it is also teaching listening and attention skills.

The dog is a bright violet colour and is soft and durable. The five books are good quality, colourful and small enough for little hands.

My only small niggle is the fur does get dirty but it is easily wiped clean with a sponge.

My boys love Violet, although sometimes fighting as to who is going to play with her so maybe I need to think about buying her brother Scout (Scout is the green dog).

An excellent educational toy that young early readers will enjoy, love playing with and learn through play. Definitely a must have to encourage reading.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Suitable age: 2-5 years

RRP: £29.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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