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Kipling Colissa Laptop Bag Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

I’m often out and about with work, taking my laptop with me along with a diary, notebooks, glasses pens, phone, wires, you name it I will probably carry it with me ‘just in case’. I’ll often opt to either carry the laptop in hand with a handbag over my shoulder to hold everything I need. Alternatively, if I choose to take my laptop bag then I need to transfer over all my other bits at a risk of forgetting something. I find the laptop bag itself quite laborious to carry around. It’s a traditional-looking laptop bag which is neither good-looking or safe as people know exactly what I have in it.

When I received the Colissa Laptop bag I was very pleasantly surprised. It is a large tote bag that will fit everything I need in it. There are two open compartments, that will easily hold my various bits and bobs. In the centre, is a zipped compartment that I can pop my laptop into and the whole thing closes with a magnetic fastening. I like that it’s a discrete way of carrying a laptop when out and about. The inner lining is also made of recyclable material – always a plus for me as sustainability is important.

It gets better though. To look at, the Colissa bag is really lovely. This bag was the dark pine bag; a very dark green colour which I love. It’s a simple understated look with the Kipling logo embossed into one side. The outside material feels almost padded and has a glorious shine to it. It’s got a distinctive look which is very different to a traditional laptop bag and most definitely a lot more stylish. Additional features include a discrete small internal zipped side-pocket and to the outside is a key leash with a very cute gorilla keyring attached.

I can be very fussy about bags but this one ticks all of the boxes. It looks good, feels good and is very functional; fitting in all of my work accessories as well as my personal ones. The Colissa bag also attracted lots of comments when I did take it out. I think I may have found a replacement for my stuffy old laptop bag!

The Colissa comes in a range of five different colours, patterns and textures to cater for different tastes, each giving it a slightly different look. The bag retails at £127 which is on the premium side, however, it is an investment as this is a bag that is timeless and will be used for years to come. It would make a fantastic gift for anyone who needs to have their laptop to hand on the move and with Valentines day coming up would make a very thoughtful gift. It can be purchased at Having used this for a few outings and not had a problem fitting in everything I need, plus knowing how good the bag looks, I’m happy to give it a 5/5 and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a much more stylish and discrete alternative to a that tired looking laptop bag.

Rating: 5/5

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