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Jelly Belly Sparkling Wine ‘Bubbly’ Bottle 42g Review

Reviewed by Laura Bown

We all know and love Jelly Belly beans. They are from the original gourmet jelly bean company, the ones that have the logo printed on every bean. I was excited to open the package from Jelly Belly, but not as excited as my children, who saw it before I did! Luckily the Jelly Belly beans survived so I could actually review them.

I received four bottles of the Jelly Belly Sparkling Wine flavour jelly beans. The sparkling wine bottles are really cute, standing 12 centimetres tall, containing 42g of Jelly Belly beans. There is roughly 38 Jelly Beans in each bottle. The bottles are designed to look like champagne bottles, with a lovely little gold bottle top. They would look amazing as favours on a wedding reception table!

The beans themselves are a shimmering white gold colour with the ever-recognisable Jelly Belly logo. Flavour wise they are sweet (of course), but definitely have the taste of sparkling wine. How they have done this I do not know as there is no alcohol in these at all! My children still enjoyed them too, with my six year old declaring them as ‘yummy!’ They are also vegetarian, Certified OU Kosher, free from gelatine, gluten free, fat free and diary free. Unfortunately, they aren’t calorie free, and are very moreish!

Price wise, with a recommended retail price of £3, it is expensive for not a lot of Jelly Beans. However, for a novelty item, or a little gift I probably would pay it. They would be brilliant as wedding favours, valentine’s gifts or even just for the novelty factor. You can also buy them from in other quantities, along with all the other flavours they offer.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £3

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