How to Make Studying in Lisbon Easy

Lisbon is very well known for being a beautiful city in Portugal that offers fantastic culture and history but also offers a good opportunity for students to study and live. Moving from the UK to a foreign country like Lisbon could be quite frightening however if you plan this out effectively and do your homework in advance it could work out to be one of those life choices that you will never regret.  If you are enrolling in a course in one of the universities or colleges in Lisbon, the next challenge is going to be the accommodation and where to stay.  We have a good solution for this that makes studying in Lisbon a lot easier.


When you go onto a search engine and look for Lisbon based student accommodation, you will get a lot of colourful responses.  It is important that you look at this carefully and do your research in advance. At Collegiate, you will be in the hands of the experts who will take care of your accommodation needs from start to finish.  With their brand new accommodation in Lisbon that has over 100 rooms it would be worth checking it out.  The accommodation that they offer is at the higher end of the market so as a result, you can expect the fees to be a little higher than just a normal flat rental.

The rooms are spacious and also have a dedicated area for studying. What is specifically important about the stay in this apartment is that you will be with other students. Only people who are studying (and can prove they are) are legible to rent here. Internally you rely on the high-speed internet and there is even a swimming pool and cinema to add to the high quality reputation they have built for themselves.  Payment plan options can also be negotiated with the company, therefore do not let this put you off if you don’t think you have all the funds up front. If you want to look further into this option, you can do so here:

Transport Links

Lisbon is also extremely reliable for transportation links.  With their good warm weather you will find that a lot of people will take the old conventional way of travelling of either walking or cycling.  It is a very bike friendly city with this being a common way for students to get to college or university.  In terms of going back home to visit the family, then there is an international airport that goes to many destinations in the UK.

The Language

Another piece of guidance would be around the language.  Many people think that the language of Portuguese is the same as Spanish. Although there are similarities and normally they can understand each other, both languages a quite different.  It would be beneficial to download an app and learn some basic conversational Portuguese before embarking on this adventure.

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