Happy Days Festival 2013 Review

Happy Days Festival


Reviewed by Lorraine Attkins

What a lovely day for a festival. The sun shone and the skies were blue.

It was good to have free parking included with my VIP ticket, however as it was a grassy field, I wouldn't have been too impressed if it had been raining, I'm sure there would have been a lot of trouble getting back out of the field at the end of the festival.

No food or drink was allowed into the venue, meaning we were reliant on what was on sale whatever the price!

The venue was a good sized field, with the VIP area over to the left and a small area at the front. The general area had a small fun fair great for keeping the kids entertained. I'm not sure of the prices as I didn't have any children with me. There were quite a few food outlets in both sections. The hog roast was particularly good, although quite pricey at £5 for a filled bap!

As it was a cashless bar, we had to queue to buy tokens. Again I think pricey at £4.50 a token (eg 1 pint lager). Rather than keep queuing, we bought 8 tokens at the start. Although this system does seem to ease congestion at the bar, as the tokens are non-refundable, we ended up wasting £9 by not using all the tokens.

First impressions were good, a nice chilled out atmosphere, drinks and sunshine, however once the music started it wasn't very impressive. The fun fair music was still playing whilst the bands did. The sound quality was poor and we struggled to hear what just sounded like background music.

I was quite bored throughout until Jocelyn Brown came on stage. She quickly got the crowd going and belted out some tunes. So much better than anything we had heard up until that point! Sadly once she left the stage, it all became quite dreary again.

The toilets in the VIP area were 2 small vans next to each other, with a total of 6 toilets for the women! Although they looked very clean at the beginning, it really wasn't long before toilet rolls had run out and long queues were forming, due to lack of cubicles. Most of us ladies resorted to using the men’s as it was quicker! Just outside the toilet area on the grass was a trough set up to wash your hands. There was nowhere to dry them though and it just ended up as a waterlogged area that you had no way of avoiding to get to or from the toilets. Not impressed as I was wearing sandals like most other women.

With no sign of things improving, we decided to leave early. I have to say it was fairly easy to get out of car park, but not sure how easy it would have been had we stayed to the end. All in all we didn't really enjoy the day and certainly wouldn’t pay £60 for a one day VIP ticket again. I just can’t justify the price at all.

From the line-up of bands for the Sunday, it looked like it would have been a much better day, as long as the sound was sorted out (so make sure you check the line-up and book tickets for the day you prefer to get the best enjoyment).

Highlight of the day for me was seeing Charlie Brooks from Eastenders and the lovely Karen & Max from channel 4's Seven Dwarves!!!

I would rate the day as 2/5 with plenty of room for improvement.

Rating: 2/5

For more information about Happy Days Festival visit www.happydaysfestival.co.uk

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