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Hape Quadrilla Music Motion Marble Run Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

Marble runs are definitely in the top 5 favourite types of toy for my twins and so we were very excited to be sent the Hape Quadrilla Music Motion Marble Run to review. 

The box itself looked very appealing and was easy to open. The toy itself has 97 pieces and is suitable for age 4+. I was glad to see that there was minimal packaging inside the box. Hape are clearly a company who care for the environment. They have also won many product awards over the years. 

We could not wait to get started. As someone who struggles with instructions, I was relieved to find that the booklet provided was so simple to follow. My twins could follow it too. It had clear illustrations of how many of each type piece we needed to build each stage of the marble run and arrows were provided to show exactly where each piece should be slotted into. I was amazed that it took me less than 15 minutes to build the completed marble run as per the instruction booklet. There is nothing worse than having 2 excited children and a toy which takes a long time to construct. 

Now came the most fun part, which was using the marbles. There were squeals of delight as the marbles worked their way through the marble run. Unlike their previous marble runs, this one has strategically-placed musical chimes within the wooden pieces. I loved the sound the musical instruments made. Hape are generous with the number of marbles provided and I find the bag really useful to keep the marbles all together. We were all mesmerised by the sound of the marbles clattering down the marble run.

The quality of this Hape Quadrilla Music Motion Marble Run is excellent. The pieces are so sturdy and should last for years, long enough to be passed on from family to family.  I am a fan of anything where children learn without even realising they are learning and this definitely fits the bill.

Constructing this toy is helping my twins develop engineering and STEM skills. I can also see how it encourages 3-D thinking and spatial reasoning. I think that handling the pieces also helps with co-ordination and I found that we all chatted a lot while putting it together. Any toy which encourages a child’s social skills is a huge plus.

My twins are lucky enough to have another Hape Marble Run as well as a Hape Doll Family Mansion and other Hape toys. I find that they often play with more than one Hape toy at once. I think that as their confidence grows building the marble runs as per the instruction sheet, they will probably try out their own designs too. The fact that their two marble runs are compatible is fantastic.

The marble run can be easily taken apart after use and stored in the box it came in. As a mum who does not like having a cluttered home, this is a massive relief. The marble run is another wonderful toy from Hape which I would recommend to others.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £74.99

For more information visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

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